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Interested in cars?

Keen to select the most sexually attractive of three individuals?

Dave writes:

We are currently producing a new TG4 dating called Pioc do Ride. It’s a dating show and it promises to be serious craic. [To wit:]

Are you a single driver looking for a co-pilot? Has the ‘look of love’ across the dashboard eluded you so far? Maybe you’re just too in love with your car. If so, get up out of your motor and participate in a brand new dating show! We are currently looking for lots of participants and we thought it might interest the Broadsheet Massive. Contact the producers at or on Facebook.

13 thoughts on “Start Your Engines

  1. Rich

    Ashamed to say i remember, but i think TV3 did something similar with Twink hosting the show about 15years ago.
    Although i think the car element didn’t come into until the end where they had to guess who’s car belonged to who

  2. Micko

    Jesus – I thought that was a foreign eurotrashy type video initially.

    Really should have paid more attention in Irish class

  3. scottser

    so we might see fluffy on the show, flapping his boot to the nation? or mani’s prolapse wagon? can’t wait..

  4. Stewart Curry

    Single, fluent Irish speaking car enthusiasts?* willing to appear on television? That’s not really a massive pool to be choosing from.

    * (the people speak Irish. Cars can only speak in the language of the country they were built in)

    1. Grouse

      By the time Paisean Faisean wound down I’m fairly sure they were recycling the lads with wigs and false moustaches.

  5. Grouse

    Could someone do this same thing but with bicycles? And a gender swap? Is it getting very warm in here all of a sudden?

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