‘He Doesn’t Like Hearing No’


CallinSHatWallAlan Shatter (left) and Mick Wallace on Prime Time

Independent TD Mick Wallace appeared on RTÉ’s Prime Time on May 16, 2013, to talk about the penalty points report and the appearance of former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan at a Public Accounts Committee meeting earlier that day.

During their discussion with presenter, Pat Kenny, Mr Shatter accused Mr Wallace of having been stopped while driving by the gardaí in May 2012 and claimed he benefited from garda discretion.

The Data Protection Commissioner subsequently found Mr Shatter broke the law by disclosing personal information about Mr Wallace on the show.

Mr Shatter’s appeal of this ruling was dismissed this morning.

Mr Wallace said he felt that decision was a good one but that he does expect the former minister to challenge it because “he doesn’t like hearing no, so more than likely it will end up in the High Court,” he said.
He said that when the appeal was on, he had noticed that Mr Shatter’s legal team had been at pains to stress that the former minister had been damaged personally, politically and financially, by the Data Protection Commissioner’s decision, and he was eager that it be overturned for fear that Mr Shatter could be pursued for damages.
Mr Wallace said that if the Judge [Judge Jacqueline Linnane] had found against the Data Protection Commissioner this morning, it would have weakened his (Mr Wallace’s) position in pursuing the matter any further.
However, he said that the statement from Judge Linnane was very strong and he will be taking legal advice now to see how to progress from here but that he is considering pursuing the former minister for damages.

Shatter loses appeal over data breach (RTÉ)

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25 thoughts on “‘He Doesn’t Like Hearing No’

    1. Bacchus

      Mick always paid his takes… he delayed payments of PRSI to keep his company going and those employees in a job a while longer but that debt is long settled. But of course fling sh1t if you want to…

    2. italia'90

      That would be a day never to forget.
      In fact, I’d go as far as to propose we call for a Bank Holiday on the anniversary of that momentous day.

    3. Rob

      Except the judge said today that he was acting in his capacity as Minister and had no standing as an individual, so it would be hard to pursue Mr Shatter personally for these actions. He’d have to sue the current Minister, which would just cost the taxpayer more.

  1. Advertising On Police Cars

    the Shat is a bit creepy, his stint on the The Restaurant was strange, anyone else agree?

  2. Clampers Outside!


    I can happily say, I wrote one of the six letters that were received by SIPO complaining about Shatter’s abuse of power that night. Fupp You Shatter, hah !

    *slaps knee*


    That’s enough gloatin’ and schadenfreudin’ for the month !!

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Haha… Gathering info from here on this website, from other commenters and their links on here, and then the good guys in SIPO actually told me how to structure the complaint properly and what part of the relevant Acts to cite. Most of which I had done from stuff and info from this site, but SIPO helped me fine tune it :)

    – – – – – – – – An aside… I am very much into our govt’s transparency or lack of and at the moment SIPO is a good start. They don’t just watch our politicians though….

    SIPO were very helpful in my Youth Defence complaints too. But on that one because no lobby group as yet is compelled to register as such, SIPO remains largely toothless on that front.
    But there is some change coming down the line on that one. My complaint with YD was along the lines of where’s the money coming from and who are they really representing; and I learned this much from my contact with SIPO, that, as YD are not a registered lobby / interest group then the likes of RTE does not under any circumstances have to allow them on any discussion panel… they get on by bully tactics by making lots of noise as if they are hard done by, nothing more.

    When SIPO grows some teeth, and it will, it’ll be a great tool for people with an appropriate complaint. There are only four to six people in the department though.

  4. bisted

    …what will Shatter do this St Patricks Day. No front page interview with the Times of Israel or Jerusalem Post. No swanning about Tel Aviv at the taxpayers expense….well maybe still at the taxpayers expense but not as a minister. Which is worse…losing all your FG mate(s) or all the Zionists?

  5. Digs

    Best justice minister the State ever had. Hounded out of office by the inferior chip ‘n’ shoulder brigade. Couple of silly indiscretions and the half wits in the law society were chomping at the bit. Fuelled by the media and the bufoons in opposition, an astute legal mind with an accute sense of social justice was too clever for his witless peers. Shame, but we’re not fond of intelligent public figures in this country. Mick Wallace carries on contributing nothing and Shatter is cast aside, only here….

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