23 thoughts on “Ed Melt

  1. Paolo

    “After all the faffing….you can’t watch it in Ireland”

    Why would you want to? Mawkish, sentimental sh1t.

    1. Disgraced Former Minister Frilly Mickie Keane

      Look like
      Sounds like a 13 yr old former boy soprano tho

      But he does grow on ya
      And he’s an all round good egg
      TBF like

  2. Parky Mark

    I wouldn’t call it stunning. It’s alright. I’ve heard buskers on the street do better versions TBH.

  3. Bingo

    Ed Sheeran.
    That can’t be a pop stars name, can it?
    Local GAA clubs delegate to the county board, yes. Pop Star, no.

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