38 thoughts on “Je Suis En Vente

    1. Declan

      While the racism is a debatable and somewhat understandable accusation.. where does the right-wing element come from?

      1. Healy Rae's love child.

        Making rape jokes, characterizing African’s as lazy, rubber-lipped cretins, etc. etc.

        1. scottser

          they take the p1ss out of racists and right wingers by exposing their views.
          ever watch the office? gervais does this particularly well.

        2. Atlas

          You misunderstand. The actual object of that joke were Front National types who are prone to lazily caricaturing African immigrants/refugees as welfare fraudsters. They were suggesting that FN voters cynically viewed women fleeing the horrors of Boko Haram as being mere opportunists taking advantage of the French welfare state, which anyone but your type and the FN would know is laughably ridiculous.

          I honestly think your accusation says more about you than it does about Charlie Hebdo. It exemplifies an ethnocentric, Anglocentric world view where everyone has to submit to American interpretations of liberalism and political correctness – where culture doesn’t matter, the supremacy of a shallow, American interpretation is assured and cheap snark is prized above cultural sensitivity, nuance and basic fact-checking.

          The reality is that CH is (was?) about left wing as you get. The racists/right-wingers you accuse them of being were not just their ideological enemies, but their favoured targets. It’s curious that the so many of the English-speaking world’s Left have raced to spit on the graves of their martyrs…

        1. Bejayziz

          It seems your the expert on matters of left or right, what side do you think i should part my hair on today?

        2. Gers

          Far left. Always has been. Charb was far left, Melanchon’s supporter (Communist party) the rest of the team would have been also left.

    2. Mick Flavin

      Not trolling or stalking you here, Healy Rae’s love child, but are you the artist-formerly-known-as Helen?

    3. Yann Seite

      Hi, just to let you know that the caricaturists and journalists of Charlie Hebdo are openly communists… Read it once before judging!

  1. Soundings

    The indignity of it – wedged between the Herald and the Indo. Mind you, there’s always the chance that someone might spot either rag and buy it on impulse.

  2. dylad

    Just wondering, the fact you show a picture of Himself on your website, thereby reprinting the cartoon…is there gonna be a jihad on your asses ?

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