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    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yep. On it twice a day and the risk-taking you see would make you tense for the entire journey.

      1. JollyRoger

        I’d be on it 3 or 4 times a week easy and I find it uncomfortable almost scary to drive on during either rush hour especially between Tallaght and just after Lucan, a lot of people really do not have a clue how to drive on a motorway.

      1. Digs

        Mainly because they’re the urban vehicle of choice for twits. You can tell loads by what people consume!

  1. rotide

    Sometime in the last year, there were a good few people on here making the argument that speed is actually a good thing and we should all be driving faster because its safer.

    Exibit A.

    1. Drogg

      Driving fast is ok once you are not driving two feet from the car in front of you. Not spacing correctly between cars and using incorrect lanes are what cause accidents like this, not speed.

  2. Ahh Feck

    People in Ireland can’t drive on motorways. It needs to be examined as part of a driving test.

    1. Digs

      You’re completely right. It’s amazing the amount of dimwits who just sit in the overtaking lane. I suppose the motorways are relatively new to Ireland but Irish drivers really lack awareness of other drivers, it’s shocking. Same people who stand two abreast on escalators, not a notion of others! Grrrrr

      1. sickofallthisbs

        It drives me mad when people don’t move into the slow lane or when they sit in the middle lane forcing everyone else around them on either side.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          What about the darlings in front of you who come off on a double-slip road in the right hand lane…break hard and try to barge into the congested left lane?

          I swear – cameras on that comparatively short stretch of M50 ‘motorway’ would reveal a lot to the RSA and it might lead to an intensive training initiative for all drivers, not just the Ls (who are restricted anyhow).

        1. JustSayin

          Totally disagree, works really well if people stand on the right and walk on left, e.g. London. No idea why people don’t do it here though….

        2. Digs

          I’ll decide myself how to use them. You just stand to the right and I’ll walk, we’re all happy that way right?

    2. Loadameballs

      You. You with your sensible suggestions.

      I remember seeing on Top Gear years ago something that reminded me of this and I had to Google it:

      “In Finland, it takes a minimum of two years to obtain a full, unrestricted driving license. Learners are subjected to skid-pan sessions and night-driving courses. Difficult as it is to compare driving tests, Finland is, anecdotally at least, considered to have a world-class standard of driving.”

      This is what we should strive for I believe. Forget reversing around a corner; we need to look into simulated test such as how you respond to a car skidding on ice or snow for example…

      1. newsjustin

        Not commenting on this accident on the M50, but there are, undoubtedly, quite a few people in Ireland who should not be allowed drive – some older people who are clearly uncomfortable on main roads have no business being there.

        1. Spud

          At least, because they are ‘uncomfortable’ driving (as you put it) they do drive slowly to assess risks better.
          It’s drivers who drive too comfortably and are too arrogant / ignorant of potential risks that are the real problem.
          “Stopping distances? Sure who needs to know them… I’m in my nice fast car, and I can react like a muthafupper…. “

        2. Small Wonder

          Objection! If people are uncomfortable on main roads, they should be given time and space. The roads are for sharing. It is impossible for everyone to have the same level of experience. Being impatient with other drivers and wishing them off the road is not going to improve the situation. Show some courtesy and everyone will be safer.

    3. Gers

      This. I see people using their brakes on the Motorway … something you should NEVER have to use. The simple rules of distance between cars is never respected, same as people not putting lights on when they should, etc.. its lilke some people got their driving license without a single driving lesson… oh wait, they didnt.

  3. Corky Duke

    exactly. I think its not just Finland, but Sweden and Norway too. Those countries have seasons, so you need to be able to drive in the dry, snow, rain and ice. We should have at least a road test for wet conditions, the skid pan is perfect.
    People need to know what a car feels like when you have to brake hard and how it handles differently on wet road to dry roads.

  4. Skeptik

    They should try the spacing chevrons that they have on the motorways in the UK. M50 drivers in particular leave far too little room between the cars. It’s not that the cars are going too fast, but far too close together to react if someone brakes. If you leave anything more than the length of a car, someone is bound to shove their way in.
    Of course actually enforcing the myriad road laws that are already there (dangerous/careless driving, driving without due care and attention, etc. etc.) would be the best solution of all. But sure that costs money Dougal…

    1. Padi

      +1 they are really effective, have driven to London a few times and the cars just automatically spread out and slow down when you hit the chevron sections, you really focus on staying one or two away from the car in front.

      1. scottser

        only a fool
        breaks the 2 second rule

        ie you’re supposed to leave 2 seconds from the car in front to pass by a fixed object before you do.

    2. sheesh

      I was in the inside lane on M50 with a safe space between the car in front last week, 2 cars tried to shoe-horn into the space at the same time, one from either side, neither had indicators, I was almost sorry they avoided hitting each other

  5. Miko

    They need to stick a patrol car with a rear facing camera. Any car that tailgates at speed gets automatically fined and penalty points. Both a money spinner and quickly stop the tailgaters like the muppet in his Focus.
    Extra points on rainy days.
    Extra points for no lights on foggy days.

  6. minime

    If in a few years time I’m diagnosed with high blood pressure I will directly attribute it to having to drive on the M50 at rush hour every day!!

    I will never understand the obsession drivers in this country have with the middle lane!

    1. JustSayin

      Because people don’t merge correctly and staying in the inside lane can lead to some brown pants moments? But yep agree shouldn’t do it, but I see why people do it….

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