For The Day That Will Be In It



Have a heart.

No pressure.

Designer Emma writes:

 I have designed some geometric heart necklaces [€30] and I think they would be a great Valentines present. They have been designed & created in Ireland. and are available from The Loft Market, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2. I also sell them online [link below] Thank you.

Ruby Red Geometric heart by Emmie Lou

Emmie Lou

Irish made Valentine’s gifts to marked ‘Irish-Made Valentine’s Stuff’. No fee all heart.

12 thoughts on “For The Day That Will Be In It

    1. myownself

      I don’t know the designer but in fairness I dont know of any jeweller/designer that makes their own link chains and lobster claws because thats ridiculous, it could take a week with sawing,forming,soldering, filing and polishing for two components that are’nt the main feature of the work and cost hundreds to sell. Aso I dont believe there’s actually an irish manufacturer of findings either. So whats your point?

  1. elsie

    i bought one of her pieces at christmas, similar to this but not heart shaped, in black perspex, looks great over black clothes and i think the white one would look great over white t-shirt, very clean and modern
    Good to support Irish designers in a city full of British high street shops

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