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Stephen Robinson – Falling For Siobhan

Stephen writes:

My debut music video just hit 10,000 views and I’d love to see what your readers think of it. Recorded completely live at Coliemore Harbour [Dalkey, Co. Dublin].

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12 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Mort

    Very good, but is he taller than Hozier? Is his hair as long as Hozier, I’m not comparing him to Hozier though. Great stuff, unique recording

  2. Digs

    Too folky, reminds of camber well carrots and having a perpetual erection as a teenager. I’m older and more cynical now, I know the truth of love. It’s a very self involved pursuit.

    Now get on with the day!

  3. Brian

    Fake youtube views? The comments certainly are anyways. He’s only had 4 extra subscriptions for over 10K views, and a handful of shares only.

  4. dhaughton99

    Sorry, but when I see an acoustic guitar, I’m reminded of sh1tty renditions of some Bob Marley song at a crappy house party.

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