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Isn’t it well for you with your holidays and free chalk.

Now give something back.

Aileen Moon writes:

The Down Syndrome Centre is asking schools, groups and organisations to host an Odd Socks Day from Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 20 to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. They’re asking that people to donate €2 to the event. They’re also happy to pop out to primary and secondary schools in the greater Dublin area to give a short presentation about Down syndrome, disabilities and the importance of inclusion. Give them a call on (01) 661 8000 to get them out to your school. The Down Syndrome Centre is Ireland’s first services-led centre for children with Down syndrome. It opened in Sandyford [Co Dublin] in October 2014.

Down Syndrome Centre

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9 thoughts on “Are You A Teacher?

  1. E O'C

    “Isn’t it well for you?”… What an odd opening remark for a charitable post?
    It’s a pity for this organisation that they didn’t research their dates more as that week is Mid-Term Break in schools.
    (Let the boring bashing about teachers holidays commence….)

    1. ollie

      This type of fundraising is wrong. it discriminates against children whose families can’t afford €2 per child and it should be banned from schools.

    2. E O'C

      I note the opening line has been edited from its original form.
      Also please be more aware that all schools are being bombarded with charity requests and so are students (& therefore parents). To say that now is the time to give back (because of holidays/free chalk???) , what about all the other numerous requests for €2 all year long? Cake sales/ Jersey days/ no uniform days/ raffle tickets/ silver circle/ sleep outs, etc, etc, etc. These collections are all overseen by teachers & supported by staff/students/parents. By all means support this charity but please be more constructive.
      (Again I emphasise the dates involved-the fundraisers should have put more thought into their organising if they did want teacher support.)

  2. Soundings

    According to the Down Syndrome Centre’s website, its staff comprise “Sharon Dagg
    Chief Executive Officer
    Niamh Sherlock
    Fundraising and PR Coordinator
    Aileen Moon
    Fundraising and Events Coordinator
    Nuala Downes
    Fundraising & Finance Officer”

    The whole website appears to be dominated by “fundraising”.

    No assistance from government, recently started, no accounts, no mention of staff salaries, very little mention about services ( The story of the founders seems sincere enough with them having a DS child, but I think I’ll spare my charity money for more transparent causes.

    1. 21x3


      I have a child with Down syndrome. I don’t live in Ireland. I do keep an eye on services for those with Down syndrome,in Ireland.

      From what I have observed from abroad, they seem to make good use of the money they receive. They appear to offer a number of very important services.

      There are a lot of very useful seminars on the calendar for this year:

      I wish the local support organisation was as active as this. Perhaps, the government services are better here.

      Fundraising is an essential part of providing useful services.

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