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The 1987 Mount Anville School Fashion Show in its glorious (if slightly dark due to VHS source) two-hour entirety.

Pretty slick for 1987, in fairness.

But where are they now, those cotton-stirrup-pants-and-giant-turtleneck-sweater flaunting angels of South Dublin? Were you among them?


*rolls up sleeves of white linen jacket, twirls on the spot*


(H/T: Eoghan Kidney)

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11 thoughts on “Old School

  1. B

    some famous names in that line up a bbc tv presenter who was also in a girl band So she would be 44 now. and a fg councillor

  2. Boba Feetucine

    And lots of perma-lycra’d ‘homemakers’ bombing around D6 in Range Rovers, I’ll wager.

  3. Ruth Sharif

    Hi there

    Ruth Sharif ( nee Grogan here) – was in the 1987 Mount Anville fashion show and would love to see the video but it is coming up as private now so I can’t view it. Is there anyway of sending me a link?
    Thanks very much!

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