16 thoughts on “What Would ‘M’ Say?

    1. chimpy

      Despite the common belief that Malahide is posh, there’s plenty of down to earth normal northsiders living there. It’s the new blood that moved in over the last 15 years that’s given it a bad reputation.

  1. Holden MaGroin

    “Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger?”

    “No Mr. Bond I expect you to die. And then be reborn. Forever and ever. “

  2. Always Wright

    Well at least it acknowledges that this sacrament, like most of the others of which lay people partake, is just an excuse to dress up.
    Fair enough, I say! Gradually eroding the gods from people’s daily lives – and long may it continue.

  3. postmanpat

    Good evening Mr Bond. This is M. We have received information that that a man is planning to assassinate a priest during a Communion ceremony tomorrow. Your mission is to make sure the assassination is a success.

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