Broadsheet Trailer Park: Child 44



What you may need to know:

1. Set during Stalin’s Soviet Union rule, disgraced MGB Agent Leo Demidov (Tom Hardy) is tasked with solving a brutal series of child murders.

2. Fun fact: Did you know that Russians don’t actually speak to each other in Russian? It’s simply too hard to understand, so they just converse in heavily-accented English instead.

3. Just check out Harrison Ford in K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) or Daniel Craig in Defiance (2008) for proof. At least Sean Connery had the cojones to not even try.

5. Tom Hardy’s a busy boy. In addition to Child 44, he has four other movies on the slate for 2015, including Mad Max: Fury Road (2014) and pulling double duty as both Kray twins in Legend (2015).

6. He’s also signed up to play Elton John in the upcoming Rocketman biopic. Really.

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: Strong like bull.

Release Date: 17th April

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14 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Child 44

    1. Mark Dennehy

      Citizen X is probably the better film by far, fantastic performances by Rea and DeMunn in it. Complete mystery why they never released it in the cinema.

      Just don’t read the actual case files the story’s based on, you wouldn’t sleep after it.

  1. Ultach

    Re fun fact: so the Russians do that too? I thought is was just us Irish. Although I recall Germans do it too when on screen.

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