De Wednesday Papers


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MORE to folly.

Covers to

Thanks Kevin Cramer (Irish Examiner); Mick Crowley (Irish Times); Enda Bolger (Irish Sun); Ronan Casey (Meath Topic, Westmeath Topic and Offaly Topic); Neil Henderson (UK papers)

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9 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Praetorian.

    Re the Gaurdian photo i sincerely hope the wife & parents of the Jordanian pilot didnt see that video of his death(doutbful).I seen it…as an ex soldier who has served in absolute shitholes around this planet what happened to that poor lad is beyond the limits of human comprehension.He died whitin 20sec thankfully.
    All right thinking nations should unleash hell on these radical basterds.Animals.

    1. Sam

      It is a savage and disgusting way to end a life. It would be nice to see the papers give similar coverage to victims of pilots dropping bombs in civilian areas – some of whom are also incinerated quickly and some of whom die slowly. Any member of the armed forces of the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ are heroes, and anyone they kill are simply collateral damage, whose grieving relatives rarely grace a front page for our perusal.

      Showing us one side is just playing into the myth that one type of aggression is justified while the other is simply savage.

      You think you’d be any kinder to a pilot if bombs had been recently dropped on your neighborhood?
      There’s a reason why it’s not a good idea to eject over a place you’ve just bombed, the people down there are very, very angry, and expecting them to react in a civilised fashion is naive. It’s not right, but it shouldn’t be very surprising either, unless we blind ourselves to the realities of warfare.

      NATO and it’s allies have been helping to foster the conditions for such savagery for a long time, not only by supporting wahhabists and tyrants, but by starving, bombing and otherwise terrorising the locals.

    2. Sam

      All right thinking nations should unleash hell on these radical basterds.Animals.

      That’s a bit like saying gangsters should get the death penalty, – as if that’s a deterrent to people who risk death every day whether it’s in a $hithole ghetto or middle eastern dictatorship.

      You won’t wipe out radicalism as long as the powerful nations keep propping up tyrants. I’m not saying these guys don’t need to be dealt with, but carpet bombing the place will kill innocent people, and create a greater sense of injustice, making it easier to radicalise more angry men.

      There are ways of dealing this that would be quicker and less bloody, but they don’t fit in with the competing ambitions of the people pulling the strings and raking in the profits.

      Also, ‘animals’ ? Are they really any worse than the people who bombed the Amritsar bomb shelter, or shot down an Iranian airliner with 290 innocent people on board? Are they worse than the people who bombed the Medical Clinic in Fallujah twice ? Are they worse than the people who oversaw and enforced the sanctions against Iraq which led to the needless deaths of 500,000 children under 5?

      How many people went to jail for any of the above? People outside of our little bubble scorn our ideas of ‘justice’.

      These things didn’t get the same outrage in our media, but they happened, and for the people in that part of the world, they’re not abstract things.

      We’ve enough animals in uniform being sent over that way. If we stopped letting our governments prop up dictators who torture and oppress their people, we’d get a more stable middle east. Well fed, housed people, who don’t see their kids die on the street are far less likely to go around beheading people or burning them alive.

      If the will was there to cut off the weapons and financing to groups like this, (rather than arming them when useful and then putting up with the blowback) they’d run out of bullets and fuel rather quickly.

      1. Sam

        Correction, of course it was the Amiriyah air-raid shelter that was bombed by the US Air force killing 408 men women and children, not Amritsar – which of course was one of many British atrocities in India. So many atrocities to recall at this hour of the morning.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        “If the will was there to cut off the weapons” …Like Mr Prince Charles of the UK did yesterday (in papers yesterday). He’s refusing to represent the UK arms industry in sales to the middle east. Mightn’t sound much, but those middle eastern lads like dealing with ‘royalty’ so… not getting to say this much… well done Charles! ….now back to the garden with you :)

        1. Formerly known as

          It is just as well that the English royals gained all their wealth, through peaceful means.

    3. Stumpy

      Not wishing to start a pointless row, but how is your military service of relevance in commenting on what was done to the poor man? As a current humanitarian worker who has served and serves in incredibly deprived and conflict riven places (hello from Central Asia by the way), I wouldn’t have thought myself any more qualified to comment on the horror of death by torture than anyone else. Also – why on earth would you watch the video?

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