10 thoughts on “Jump Start

  1. oblongo

    There is no ‘motor industry’ in this country, all of this only represents a greater reliance on imported goods, fuel etc. and increased dependence on an unsustainable mode of transport. #dontcriticisejobsandgrowth

    1. Studcat

      It’s not so much an industry as a distribution network. It is like talking about the Irish coconut industry.

  2. Liam from Lixnaw

    yeah i never understand why its called an industry – we don’t make these things, its closest to the retail industry really, only that it attracts outrageous taxation at every turn – so its unique in that sense – but motor industry is not really accurate at all as a description.

  3. Eulich McGee

    Upon my triumphant return from England back in 2000, I couldn’t believe how many brand new poxy little 1ltr bottom of the range shopping trolleys were littering the street od Ireland. New was important, the fact your car had manual windows, a single airbag no sunroof or ac and couldn’t skin a rice pudding was irrelevant next to the 00 number plate.

    de ja vu?

    1. italia'90

      Number plate envy is rife here with a certain type of consumer.

      Had to sell my V8 Bronco before returning home, but the exchange rate from $’s to Punts to €’s softened the blow.

  4. Francesco

    Car sales at 1995 levels but they’re spinning it as though it’s proof of some kind of “recovery”. Jobbridgers and bankrupts as far as the eye can see in this so-called “industry”.

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