Salmon, eels and odd-looking ‘things’.

The underwater photography of Vincent Karu.

Vincent writes:

I put together the best of the underwater footage I shot in Ireland from 2009-2014 and a few days ago I uploaded the show on youtube. It Has attracted a lot of attention and interest, and it has received very positive comments and likes from many people from different countries and even Irish people were impressed with the unknown side of their own country….

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16 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

  1. Drogg

    That crab looked seriously pi***d off. Does anyone know does Vincent use artificial lights and what camera does he shoot on as some of the images are far brighter and clearer then i would expect?

    1. V Karu

      I do not know about Vincent :) but I didn’t use any artificial lights to shoot that (I’m the author). I use mostly Canon FH S10 for underwater filming.

      1. Drogg

        Deadly to know some of those shots are astounding Is it mostly sea filming or is it a combo of fresh and sea water? And is the sea water clearer to film in? Have you come across any larger animals like whales sharks etc etc?

        1. V Karu

          It’s a mix of sea and freshwater. The water clarity depends on the place and the conditions but I know many places that are very or crystal clear most of the time like some parts of Grand Canal for example. I have an idea to create an interactive portal (something similar to google map but with more features and more information) where visitors could virtually explore all attractive underwater places is the sea and freshwater in Ireland. I need to find money to create that ‘thing’!

    1. V Karu

      ha-ha-ha! I do not mind to be ‘Vincent Karu’ (maybe I will be more lucky regarding funds etc.) The most important that you watched it to the end :)

  2. shanner

    Jaykers, I had no idea. Really lovely stuff. And not a single shopping trolly.
    Where is the place at the start does anyone know, where you can canoe down a river?
    Well done and thanks!

    1. V Karu

      Thank you. I have trolleys (+ bikes, TV-sets etc.) in my different video (it is called ‘ The Fact We shouldn’t Ignore’ search for it on youtube. The place at the very beginning was on river Barrow. I don’t remember now where exactly but if you really want I can find it out for you.

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