“They Should be Ashamed Of Themselves’


Tomi Reichental

Martco writes:

Many of your readers might have heard of, read his book or actually met and spoken with a gentleman called Tomi Richental (top) over the years, a holocaust survivor longtime settled in Ireland who gives his time to deliver lectures about his experiences at Belsen

Tomi was a contributor to a pretty decent holocaust documentary put out on RTE last year called Close to Evil [by Eoghan Harris and Gerry Gregg]……there is some interesting business going on over in Germany now thanks to the prosecutors office taking an interest in this documentary

Tomi Reichental attempted to interview a little old lady called Hilde Michnia as part of the documentary, see an Irish neighbour of Hilde’s had picked up in conversation with her years back that li’l Hilde had been working at the camps…that led to other things including Tomi having a go at interviewing her…Hilde admitted to taking part in a so-called “evacuation” work aka Death March from her camp in 1945….and now there may be consequences for li’l Hilde

in a recent interview Hilde got asked about it all…..how does she feel towards Bergen-Belsen survivor Tomi and the Irish documentary that brought her into focus? Her response – “they should be ashamed of themselves”

Close To Evil (Praxis Pictures)

Irish documentary exposes 93-year-old woman as a Holocaust suspect (Irish Central)

8 thoughts on ““They Should be Ashamed Of Themselves’

    1. Mani

      To clarify, are you referring to past murders not being excused on the basis of current decrepitness or are you saying that old people should not be excused for current/recent murders?

      This may have a bearing on my retirement plan.

    2. Paolo

      She didn’t kill anyone. I honestly don’t know if I could have said “no” to the SS if they told me to guard some prisoners, knowing that my friends and family would end up in the same camp. Could you?

  1. the good helen

    very hard to watch, as a mother especially to see those children and the life they led, it is heart breaking. My thoughts go to those left behind and who survived and have to deal with the memories they have built. such a tragic and heart breaking time.

  2. OldHat

    Leave the old woman alone you self-righteous a***oles. The fact is most of the Germans who worked in the camps did not agree with what was going on and if they went against the Fuhrer then their families would be persecuted. Being German doesn’t mean you are a racist the same way being an arab doesn’t mean you are a terrorist you bigots.

    1. gertrude

      Being German doesn’t mean you are a racist


      Being German doesn’t mean you are not a racist

      let’s not generalise!

    2. Hashtag Diversity

      Let’s see this person arrested, put on trial and jailed for the rest of her natural life in Germany.

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