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  1. More_Bermuda_Than_Berlin

    That’s a surprisingly honest headline in the Sunday Business Post, giving succor to the Irish ‘haves’ and ‘wannabe-haves’.

    It seems their God from the Old Testament has reappeared just as they need Him.

  2. notlucas

    Doesn’t say he’s looking for financial assistance. Availability of appropriate disability services is shocking in this country and while I can’t stand the man he writes well about this topic and gives it the attention it otherwise wouldn’t receive.

  3. Odis

    The Observer – Blair’s Pledge: “I will do what it takes to help Milliband win”.
    I wonder if Bertie will be doing the same for Meehall?

  4. Soundings

    €600k? He was on around €150k with RTE for his light entertainment weekly show. If the Indo is paying €25k for journalists, what is it paying Brendy for his weekly column? €10k? €160k gross is probably around €90k net, not to be sniffed at, but it’s hardly premiership football wages, is it.

    Where’s he making the other €400k odd? And did he take his own ballsy advice in the 2000s and invest in property which is in negative equity with mortgage repayments which exceed the rental income?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Let’s just say he’s on a grand a week retainer with the Indo
      Anudder 1, 500 per column; if ye want’ta call it that
      There’s that 150k from RTE

      My sums bring him to 280k

      OK. Maybe he sits on a few execs. Say 3, by a grand a month. That’s a 36k top up.

      And lets say his appearances, party turn ups, product endorsements bring in annuder 3 grand a month.

      So now I’m at 352k. ( and truthfully I reckon this half that tbh)

      Brand ambassador shite is hardly the balance. But if it is its most likely Benefit In Kind …. Which would have him more ücked than I am.

      So unless Brendan is also writing on the QT for Sorkin, Affleck, HBO, Pixar and the GOP. …..

      1. Soundings

        No, I don’t think there’s any 45 year old a director of any Irish or British registered company. Maybe he’s a consultant or suchlike, I don’t know.

        Given the Sindo’s pursuit of profit and cost-cutting, I don’t think it’s realistic it’s paying €76,000 a year as a retainer and another €76,000 on top for the actual column. It’s hardly Pulitzer stuff, is it, and does it really bring the punters or advertisers in? If Anne Harris left the place with little more than a flea in her ear, then I can’t see Brendy getting any special treatment.

        Brendy was paid €158,000 by RTE in 2012. Not sure what his current salary there is; ad revenues were up slightly in 2014, and are likely to increase again in 2015, but UTV will mean RTE takes in less in advertising.

        Maybe Brendy does have lots of additional sources of income, none are public, and I get the feeling he’s probably on not far north of €160k. Who knows, though. But €600k?

        1. Frilly Keane

          Well if he is Soundy boy, you and me need ta’get our act’s together.

          And talk and write shite at a whole new level.

          At least I can do the accent…

  5. Dcoader

    It’s a pretty damning indictment of the people commenting here who choose to disparagingly speculate on the money Brendan O’Connor makes in the context of him writing a fairly upsetting piece about disabled services in this country. Talk about engaging with the issues. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    And I’m usually not a BOC apologist but this takes the biscuit.

    Internet trolls 1 – 0 humanity.

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