She Didn’t Let It Go


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Luci McQuity Hindmarsh booked an ‘Elsa From Frozen Entertainer’ from London party entertainment agency AEIOU Parties Ltd for her daughter’s 5th birthday party.

She wasn’t happy.

Luci writes:

I think the photos say it all. She looked dreadful, like she’d left a rave at 6am. Apparently the Elsa outfit had been worn by another entertainer earlier that day and was wet with sweat. So, our entertainer decided to put the outfit on OVER THE TOP over her own clothes, which happened to be black. She didn’t even bother to put the costume shoes on and wore a pair of tatty black flat shoes. The dress came undone at the back, someone did it up for her, but it wouldn’t stay done up, so she left it to hang off. The wig didn’t fit her and she didn’t bother to put any make-up on.

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(H/T: Brock Landers)

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28 thoughts on “She Didn’t Let It Go

  1. Spartacus

    Don’t mock. The little Miss McQuity Hindmarsh will be scarred for life by this episode. For life, I tell you!

  2. Ageyev

    “…she became increasingly frosty with the children as she made her way through the face painting.”

    In tears of laughter here.

  3. tucker

    As tempted as I am to give the glib “first world problems” response, this actually does seem pretty rough.

  4. Grouse

    I feel sorry for the woman who took a crappy job, showed up and humiliated herself in an unwinnable situation, and now has her humiliation spread all over the Internet with the thin excuse of seeking redress with her crappy employer.

      1. Grouse

        Factoring for sarcasm, who is the victim here? The parents? The children? Who’s suffering most in this, the parent who is out £170, the child who had a weird birthday party, or the woman who had a photographic record of a particularly shitty, embarrassing day at her desperate job distributed for the mild amusement of millions?

        I’ve had terrible days at my job but they never ended up viral fodder.

        Do you genuinely think that she is receiving her just desserts? That seems like an unempathetic gut reaction.

  5. Soundings

    She? SHE?!! The right photo shows five o’clock shadow for Chrissakes.

    And is that a cock-and-balls balloon trick in the left photo.

    Gwan the blogger!

  6. mike

    Maybe if Luci McX had made a little effort in leading the 5yr old darlings in their own renditions of Let it Go, it would have been more fun for them, less costly, and would have avoided the “horrific experience”.

    I doubt the 5yr REQUESTED a live performance from Frozen!

  7. munkifisht

    Everything about this is despicable, except for the girl who showed this sham off for what it was. If you’re that much of a complete and total plank to fork out any amount of cash to an entertainer I’ve no time for yer moaning. Are the parents that f**kin dull that they need to get some outsider in to entertain their spoilt little brat of a 5 year old? When I was growing up my parents would have party games and maybe a video and it was flipping brilliant.

    1. The Old Boy

      Parents these days don’t realise that the key to a successful birthday party is to get them off their faces on Skittles and Coca Cola.

  8. Liam

    “According to the agency, they cannot discriminate over who they give a job to.” – it’s effectively an acting job, presumably they can make the applicants pass an audition? Lame excuse.

  9. Pol

    “I’m Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh, co-editor of parenting blog . Mums Make Lists is the number one parenting blog offering simple tips for busy mums, tried and tested by busy mums. London based, loved in the UK and USA.”

    Too freakin’ busy to throw a proper birthday party for your kid and instead outsource it to a shoddy company before whinging about the results on your blog in an effort to get a refund?
    If she was not happy at the time, why did she hand over the remaining 50% of the fee?
    Very little sympathy from ol’ Pol.

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