Crazy Stupid Love



Willie Frazier and unidentified Garda during the Love Parade march in 2006

The high-level meeting took place at Balbriggan Garda station yesterday morning, with Chief Superintendent Pat Leahy of Store Street Garda station and Detective Chief Superintendent John Gilligan of the force’s Liaison and Protection section in attendance.
Mr [Willie Frazer] Frazer said after the talks that Garda chiefs were “more than happy” to facilitate the march….

Love Ulster rally in Dublin will go ahead, says Willie Frazer (Belfast Telegraph)

Willie Frazer?

(Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland)

Thanks John Gallen

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47 thoughts on “Crazy Stupid Love

  1. Rep

    Just put an evolution of human species chart in front of them, and they’ll run away. Bible-belt nutjobs.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      He does. In fact they both look like they’re about to launch into a Stars in Your Eyes dance duo.

  2. pedeyw

    Why isn’t it the Love Northern Ireland march? Or will there be representatives from Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan there too?

    1. Rob_G

      Freedom of association – anyone should be allowed to march, no matter how foolish they are. I hope that the people of Dublin treat this march with all of the the tepid disinterest that it merits.

      1. scottser

        i wonder will they wait until half of o’connell st is ripped up again, so the scobes will have plenty of ammo?

      2. FK

        Freedom of association citizens/residents of this country. They are from another jurisdiction. We don’t have to let them march at all, if it’s not deemed appropriate. And it is not appropriate. Love Ulster my eye! I saw the posters in the windows of the coaches as they skedaddled up Dominic Street. Murdering and murderers was a common theme. It was not the lovey-dovey event they would like people to think it was.

      3. pedeyw

        From Citizens Information:

        “Freedom of assembly

        You have a right to assemble or meet peacefully and without weapons. This right is limited by legislation to protect public order and morality. The law prevents or controls meetings that are calculated or designed to cause a riot or breach of the peace.”

        I’ll let you guys make of that what you will…

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Here pedeyw, while you’ve the book open…does it mention the words ‘provocation’ or ‘incitement’?

      4. Lorcan Nagle

        I was up in Belfast for a counter-protest against Youth Defence last July. We were threatened with arrest by the PSNI

  3. louislefronde

    Oh that’s all we need, a troop of bible thumping Norn’ boggers inciting tracksuit wearing illiterate skangers to riot in the name of ‘da Republick’

    They deserve each other

    …. but would they mind having their march in somewhere like Cork instead

  4. Advertising On Police Cars

    How much is this going to cost the taxpayer in terms of Riot police/ overtime??? Ridiculous.

  5. ahyeah

    The amount of electoral damage to SF from the inevitable reaction to this… almost like something the Labour Party might have dreamt up.

    1. Ms Piggy

      Ha! I do like a good conspiracy theory, and is actually a pretty good conspiracy theory. FG probably wouldn’t need much persuading on that score either.

  6. Zarathustra

    I’ll probably be lambasted for saying this, but I think they should be allowed march, on the condition that they are made feel welcome and there is no animosity towards them. At the very least, it might show that things have moved on since 2006, and it might just soften Mr Frazier’s cough.

    1. pedeyw

      You’re mostly right. I kind of think the best way to protest it would be to generally go about your business as normal. Look on with complete indifference.

  7. Ppads

    This should absolutely go ahead. Those who wonder where the other three counties disappeared to will take selfies and the rest will think it’s a dissident Gay Pride type thing? The Brazilians will join in and dance either way.

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