Hard Habits To Break



Teresa Devlin of The National Board for Safeguarding Children In The Catholic Church

The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCCI) published this morning its overview of the safeguarding practice conducted in the Religious Congregations.

They included The Augustinians; The Passionists: The Sacred Hearts Fathers of Jesus and Mary; The Discalced Carmelites (OCD); The Franciscan Friars; The Franciscan Brothers; The Servites; The Marist Fathers and The Dominican Sisters

The inspection process revealed:

* Poor record management in many cases making an assessment of practice difficult.
* Opportunities to safeguard children were missed, known abusers allowed to remain in ministry in 1990s.
* Variable delays in reporting allegations to the civil authorities up until 2009 (introduction of Safeguarding Children, Standards and Guidance) for most Orders and Congregations, however for some practice did not improve until 2013.

Teresa Devlin, CEO of NBSCCCI sez:

“In relation to the large reviews, I’m disappointed that, for the majority of Orders, the whole area of safeguarding is only being bedded down in the last couple of years,” said . “Of the 9 only two Orders have demonstrated good compliance with the standards, and have demonstrated their commitment to putting in place good safeguards for children as well as prompt responses to allegations of abuse. For the other 7 there is considerable work to be done. “A series of recommendations have been made within each report and the Board expects that these will be acted upon…We will request an update on their progress in implementing those recommendations in 9 months.”

Good times.

Franciscans express ‘regret’ over failure to protect children (RTÉ)


Press Release on publication of 16 Review Reports  (Safeguarding.ie)

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7 thoughts on “Hard Habits To Break

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Well imagine that. Religious orders that don’t give a tuppeny sh*t about their own wrong doing.

    Well, at least the money is safe from compensation handouts.

    Pure and simple.

  2. Nice Anne

    This is all wrong. It is like asking the burglars to do an insurance estimate for your house while the prices Ming vase is on display in an unlocked cabinet.

    Introduction of Safeguarding Children, Standards and Guidance) for most Orders and Congregations – This was never even enforced and it is still up to the orders to volunteer compliance.
    Checking that these institutions keep “records” – that is not going to protect a child.
    Keeping a record of know abusers / kicking them out of the ministery – that is not going to protect a child.
    Responding to allegations – that is not going to protect a child.
    Reporting alligations to civil authorities – Well the horse has bolted by then.

    The only solution to this problem is not to do with records and compliance –
    The orders have to carry out a phychalogical assessment of all new recruits to ensure they are suitable and safe to be around children.
    There has to be a monetary consequence for any child harmed in their care.
    There has to be a minimum jail sentance for any perpertraters and anyone who colluded to cover up their wrongdoing.
    If the problem persits, the order is broken up and their assets returned to the state to be invested in educational and other project to benefit all children.

    That *might* just mean the “holy” orders are a little more compliant in following orders.

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