Students Against Weed




UCD Students’ Union last night voted against a motion (above) supporting the legislation of marijuana in Ireland


Donie Sullivan writes:

Students in University College Dublin (UCD) against a motion supporting the legislation of marijuana in Ireland. A conservative bunch in the UCDSU. if they’re like this in their early twenties what will they be like in 20 years time? What is the world coming to?

47 thoughts on “Students Against Weed

  1. Drogg

    They must be the cool kids in school. Out behind the bicycle shed telling the smokers that UCD students don’t smoke they work for the companies who get others to smoke.

  2. scottser

    that reads like they’re supporting the legalisation of cannabis:
    1. referenda elsewhere are noted alongside awareness in ireland
    2.they are aware of potential academic disruption from the punitive legislation of cannabis
    3. the council needs to engage with cannabis lobbyists who would not usually engage with the student union.
    4. council should engage more with groups such as norml
    5. the council explicitly states UCDSU advocate for legalisation of cannabis.

    bloody students..

    1. Mikeyfex

      They voted against 4 & 5 after the points 1 – 3 were noted. Is my reading. Pass the roach clip there Scottser.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Look at you with your ‘roach clip’… what’s that anyway? :)

        Ya can’t beat the packing on an old box of Maguire & Patterson’s matches for the coiled tension in the cardboard’s release pressing against the inside of a rolled skin, offering firmness to the butt as one draws deeply.

        Damn… I wish it was Friday already….

    2. Clampers Outside!

      That’s the list they voted down. They don’t support anything on that list.

      Ridiculous in the extreme, regressive even. Reads like they are shutting down any and all communication on the matter.

  3. Kolmo

    Who sponsors the SU freshers week? Рif the students decided to stay at home half-baked, quietly listening to tunes instead of hammering into pints and jägermeisters, wrecking the place and filling up A&E, the said sponsors would be out of pocket Рinfluential sponsors or easily bought junior wannabe politicians?
    Fupping Bleak – no ‘radical’ youth in Ireland, none. Business as usual.

    Boring corrupt little squares.

  4. Ride This Pony

    What a complete waste of time. Does anyone actually care what these pesky students have to say?

    Does anyone know how many voted ?

    and pass the spliff Toby!

  5. Selfie Sensation

    I think its a pretty reasonable decision, student health and all that. Substance abuse is a pretty serious issue amongst students, it’s not appropriate that UCDSU support the legalisation of cannabis.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Ya. They haven’t explicitly said they’re campaigning against it, they’re just not campaigning for it.

      They do LOOK like total squares though.

  6. Rep

    When I was in college, people that wanted to be in the SU were generally some of the worst people in college. Why would anyone care what they actually think?

  7. Dubloony

    When I was in UCD, it struck me then how no-one was arrested for possession or supply yet where I lived, people were being jailed for the exact same behavioiur.

    The hypocrisy bothered me then and still does.

    The great Irish question still remains unanswered – why is it we want to be off our heads to the extent that we do?
    Why can’t people deal with their own emotions?

      1. Dubloony

        Nice try. But you do’t get this sort of thing in Spain or Portugal, who would share many of the same issues. Even Italy where they don’t just do corruption, they take a weird pride in it, people don’t go falling about the place sh**t faced at the weekend.

        1. Joe the Lion

          You get it in Northern Europe and Scandinavia though.

          Personally I think its the institutional obsequiousness

          Mediterraneans don’t strike me as being perpetually beat down and in genuflection

          The level of social conformity in Finland, Ireland, UK etc has to be a factor.

    1. Kolmo

      Complete imagination deficit, very conservative youth, painfully conformist, I’ve lived in Spain and Germany, they drink there, but being a hammered tatooed lampshade in high heels, wobbling down the street or a mouthy gobshite is viewed as complete skobe and rightly shunned..

      And most of us hibernate, don’t go outdoors enough in the winter, if we do – it’s to a pub to watch man unireh or leinstor, goys..

      1. Joe the Lion

        How many fellow citizens did you manage to sneer at in that paragraph – this must be some kind of record attempt? So let me get this – people who wear tattoos, high heels, voice any sort of opinion in public, follow soccer, rugby or dare I say it , prefer to stay indoors during a cold spell – are not worthy of the privilege your august company? Forced sterilisation?

        1. Kolmo

          I watch soccer, rugby and hurling and sometimes go to the pub to watch them, I don’t wear high heels, for I have flat feet and I’m a man – what I was saying was that I don’t go around hammered drunk, staggering down the street, shouting drunken nonsense, something which is tolerated in Ireland more than other places I’ve lived. I do enjoy a walk on a frosty morning, I wasn’t looking down at anyone who doesn’t. I am just not into tattoos though.. Nicely misunderstood, or maybe I wasn’t as erudite as I should have been.

  8. SUBlazeIt

    Figured since it seems a popular topic, I’ll stick my head out here. I’m the guy who wrote and proposed this motion at last night’s SU council, and I’m as annoyed as most of yous seem. Nobody was able to muster a decent argument in opposition, but seemed more than happy to just vote against it. In fairness, most of them are squares/dry shites who wouldn’t know a decent bong rip if it came up and shifted them… Also of note – a lot of the comments here are bemoaning the “conservative” attitude of the SU. It was my motion, which I passionately defended, any yet I’m actually a member of the UK Conservative party! Funny old world…

    1. Tumbles

      Hello Mr. SUBlazeIt.

      Fair play for putting forward this motion which I’m kind of disappointed didn’t pass either. I was also there and take exception to your comment that nobody was able to muster a argument in opposition.

      The UCDSU welfare and equality officer spoke against the motion as she felt cannabis had a negative effect on students. She must have made a reasonable attempt at argument as people said they had been swayed by this post council.

      Its grand to be annoyed that your motion didn’t pass but no need to misreport what happened.

        1. Tumbles

          She doesn’t have time to conduct a scientific study as well as doing her already stressful job.
          She spoke from her experience and Her experience was recognised as being valid.

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