We Are Loving Beyond Our Means




Taoisigh greeting cards.

They’ve done the state some service.

Siobhan Carroll writes:

Happy Bertie, speaks for himself I think. Inside message reads “we all partied”Inside message reads “we all partied”. And, echoing the colour scheme of a dole cheque, interactive Enda gives you a choice, live on the breadline or leave your loved ones. And if you are the kind of person that wants to belittle your friend or family member’s life changing/desperate decision to move abroad, or mock their unemployment, “Sorry You’re Leaving” could be for you. Inside message reads “…but it’s not the Enda the world” Same deal as Charlie, €2.50 each or the 3 for €6. Naturally, brown envelopes come with these buyos. Pm me [link below] if you want to amuse someone or just isolate yourself in the near future….

Siobhan Carroll (Facebook)

irish-made Valentine’s Day stuff marked Irish-made Valentine’s Stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No fee, backhanders, etc..

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25 thoughts on “We Are Loving Beyond Our Means

  1. Carlos the Card

    Absolutely wonderful. In an age of increasingly underwhelming “cleverness”, seeing something hit the mark so squarely makes this opinionated idiot quite happy. Yeay!

  2. Adama

    Not making you dampers Clampers? Don’t worry, don’t get the Charlie Hottie card either. Enda’s card is the best I think. Probably the first time I’ve ever liked anything with that mug’s mush on it.

      1. Adama

        Yeh – get it now :) Makes it sound like the british newsreader pronunciation of Haughey I remember from yesteryear…

    1. Sam

      Morning Noonan Knight . I’m sure Mick Flavin could do the graphic for that auld Mikey ‘sew up yer pockets’ sitting in armour on a knackered pony, with the sun rising behind him.

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