Broadsheet Trailer Park: Straight Outta Compton



What you may need to know:

1. Five rebellious young men ignite a cultural war by rapping about their experiences growing up in South Central LA. It’s a NWA biopic.

2. Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. is to play his dad. They are the spit of each other.

3. Suge Knight can be seen throwing a beat down on to someone at 3.20. He never gave permission for his likeness to be used and a meeting was set up to discuss it. The meeting didn’t go well and Suge allegedly drove his car in to three people, killing his friend Terry Carter.

4. Ice Cube has said it will include everything, from the feuding to Darryl Gates, to HIV to the LA Riots. Will it include Dr. Dre’s assaults on Michel’le and Dee Barnes?

5. Ice Cube and Dre seemed to have put No Vaseline behind them then.

6. Broadsheet Prognosis: Parental Advisory Explicit Content

Release Date: 14 August 2015

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17 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Straight Outta Compton

  1. Advertising On Police Cars

    It is a pity the political message around NWA evolved into the bling / Hummers/ tat that passes as Rap these days…. Ice Cube doing Disney films etc… sad.

    1. Dan

      ‘Rap These Days’

      Hip hop is actually in fine fettle. There are some smart, socially conscious and lyrically interesting rappers out there at the moment. It’s a fine time to be a fan.

        1. John E. Bravo

          Jumping in to recommend the first Das Racist mixtape called Shut Up Dude (freely available, though not on Spotify). They were fun while they lasted but their full album is a bit shit.

          I keep hoping that Earl Sweathshirt’s next album will be good – he’s obviously got skills, but Doris was very hit and miss.

          People have raved about Run the Jewels, but I don’t get it.

          1. Custo

            Yeah Sweatshirt promised a lot but the album was kind of boring (in a 3am smoked too much skunk mind of vibe).

            bishop Nehru is worth a listen though. Also Joey Badass.

            Same as you with run the jewels. Just can’t get into it. Remind me of that whole Atlanta sound that I was never a fan of.

          2. John E. Bravo

            @custo glad it’s not just me re Run the Jewels.

            With you on Doris – it really has its moments. Next time. Maybe another spot on Frank Ocean’s next one. His rich kids rap is incredible. Dat assonance, as it were.

            Cheers on the other two recommendations.

          3. Dan

            Open Mike Eagle and Milo for some chilled out, funny and lyrically superb stuff.

            Bishop Nehru is great, and the NehruvianDOOM album promises a lot.

            MF Doom/King Geedorah/Viktor Vauaghan/Danger Doom and anything else Doom touches is always worth a listen. I’ve gone back to JJ Doom recently and it’s amazing.

            Lamar’s new track The Blacker The Berry is incredible. I thought he was ok before, but that track is on another level.

            Shabazz Palaces are making the most original Hip Hop out there (I’ve heard anyway). Their two albums Black Up and Lese Majesty are incredible, I genuinely have never heard anything like it before.

            Hail Mary Mallon , Aesop Rock’s new project with Rob Sonic is great too. Amazing rhymes. I never got into Aesop, he was too busy for me, but I get this album.

            I like Joey Badass but I don’t think he lives up to the hype. There was far too much pressure on that album.

            Busdriver and Robert Glasper too.

            Schoolboy Q and Sweatshirt this week for me, I never really paid them the attention I should have so I’m gonna see if it sticks. Any other recommendations out there? Preach!

  2. Selfie Sensation

    You can really sense the deep humility these guys posses… or perhaps thats not what they are about, either way looks like an entertaining couple of hours with a high ration of fist pumping moments.

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