Eu May Like This



Erika Selin – Break Me Up

Competing to become the Irish Eurovision 2015 entry on the Late Late Show on Feb 27th.

Alex writes:

Erika Selin released a video for her EuroSong entry today…I just noticed that Swedish artists love extreme close-ups in their videos OR she could be the second coming of these ladiesI’ll gladly adopt her. Can’t wait for Feb 27…

Eurovision Song Contest

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15 thoughts on “Eu May Like This

    1. Ron

      Not so sure about that one. Nobody will have a clue who Nikki Kavanagh is apart from Eurovision fans…..I think she is far from a shoe in.

  1. Ted

    She’s not competing for Sweden but IRELAND. This song is among the 5 that will be competing to be the Irish entry on the Late Late Show on Feb 27th.

  2. Joe the Lion

    Who cares? Further waste of taxpayers money that could be better used arresting anti-austerity protesters.

  3. rotide

    There are no extreme close ups in that video Alex, just close ups.

    Is the inclusion of a swede an attempt to spice things up? Pointless really, just get Davina Vagina to do it and we’re a shoo in.

  4. Mr. T.

    Aussies want to complete because they just can’t hack the idea that they are an Asian country. Still handing on to notions of Europe despite being 12,000 miles away, having zero culture and almost all living one huge Ballinteer.

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