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Drugs and machine guns on display today in relation to a drugs seizure in Clondalkin, Dublin  relating to a gang known as The Family on Tuesday.

The heroin and cocaine and kebabs have an estimated street value of €4.9 gajillion

Name those ‘pieces’ anyone?

Above from top: John Ferris Garda press officer, Supt Brendan Connolly, Detective Colm O’Malley and Detective Sgt Mick Tracey.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

45 thoughts on “Swag

  1. Mark Dennehy

    “anyone”? :P
    Submachine guns from the look of them. MP5s, a Steyr Aug in 9mm.

    It’s *shocking* I tell you Joe, what Garda Superintendent gave them a licence for dem yokes?

      1. Mark Dennehy

        Yup, pretty much. Never seen them in real life except in police hands in Germany (you can’t own them anywhere in the EU without special permission from the government, since 1991).

          1. Mark Dennehy

            The Army’s Augs are the NATO 5.56 model, that’s the 9mm model on the table up there. And I’d seen Augs the same way you did, when the army was moving money for the banks; it’s the MP5 I’ve not seen in Ireland before now. Our Gardai used Uzis and then the MP9, they never had the MP5 (that I know of). But then, this is kindof outside of what I know :D

          2. Odis

            Why the weird size of bullet?
            I mean 9mm that’s fairly straightforward But 5.56 its almost but not quite a 0.22?

          3. Mark Dennehy

            Standard NATO size round, same as they use in the M-16. Lots of armies standardised on it to save money. The Americans started using it because it was lighter than the older rounds they used so soldiers could carry more of them.

          4. Mark Dennehy

            Oh, and don’t think of “calibre” as being a measurement like bullet diameter – it’s not really. “Calibre” is like the marketing name for a specific kind of round. You put all the manufacturing specifications for the round (the size and shape of the bullet, the size and shape of the cartridge, the amount of powder it can take, the amount of propellant it’s safe to use in it, all that jazz) on a sheet of paper, and the title at the top, that’s the calibre.

            So your .22lr round, yeah, it’s got a similar bullet diameter to the NATO 5.56, but that’s where the comparison ends, the rest is hugely different. Here’s a NATO 5.56 round (the big one) beside the .22lr:


        1. Jack Ascinine

          So much for their proposed gun regulation plans Mark. They obviously didn’t factor these fellows in.

          1. Mark Dennehy

            That can’t be right Jack, they wouldn’t propose banning several sports and confiscating thousands of firearms that’ve been owned in Ireland for years if it wouldn’t stop criminals, would they?

            I mean, granted, they could just stop giving the drug dealers firearms licences, but I’m sure they know best, right?

    1. Mikeyfex

      Ah I scrolled down hoping you hadn’t already got here. Forgot about your spidey senses obviously.

      I would have got the Aug, wouldn’t have said MP5 though. Call of Duty.

          1. Mikeyfex

            I played em all til the next gens came out and then I stopped. I like both CoD and BF for different reasons but somehow got more familiar with the guns through Call of Duty.

  2. Scooperman

    The Gardaí have no sense of image. In other countries when they pose with their drugs haul the cops look cool but these look like a bunch of half wits who just realised they’re in the wrong room.

  3. Adam

    Are these weapons ever used in attacks or anything? Or is it a case of merely owning them and letting other gangs know what kind of firepower you have protection enough?

  4. Eamonn Clancy

    What’s the story with our cops? A good oul booby trap could sorted this out in seconds. Rig the guns to explode as soon as they’re picked up

        1. Mark Dennehy

          No, I’m not kidding. Paintballers call them markers, not guns. And under Irish law they’re restricted short firearms because everyone forgot about them while writing the law.
          (Not kidding about the reason either).
          So, you go paintballing and you’re up for seven years in prison and twenty grand in fines; exact same offence as if you had the pistols off that table up there in your possession.

          1. Brian S

            Hang on. So are you saying that if I go paintballing in one of the places in Wicklow/Laois I could be put in prison for 5 years and be fined €20k?!

          2. Mark Dennehy

            Edit: Except sorry, no, not five years in prison. Seven. Paintball markers are technically restricted short firearms y’see, and the restricted bit takes the penalty up to seven years instead of five.

  5. Dave J

    Can’t really tell what the pistols are from that angle but the submachine guns are definitely MP5’s and the one with the scope is a Steyr AUG. What’s really concerning is that the MP5 is widely used by military and police, and the Steyr is used by our own military – makes you wonder how they got in to the hands that they did.

    1. edalicious

      I’m pretty sure the Irish Army doesn’t use the 9mm AUG so it probably hasn’t come from there but, that being said, I’m sure it’s not that difficult to convert the 5.56mm to a 9mm and it would probably be a lot easier to import the relevant parts than a full weapon so it could be a bit of both.

  6. Brian S

    The Irish army used 9mm mp5’s, the anti terrorist unit in the Rangers used them for close quarter engagements. It’s sad that you still see the odd 1970’s Uzi in the hands of a detective somewhere, usually on a cash in transit job. At least the drugs unit detectives seem to have glocks or sigs now instead of smith and Wesson 6 shot revolvers.

    1. Omar Sarhan

      I had a detective in my house before after a break in. He had some well old looking 6 shooter.
      Also saw some plaincloth Gardai on Suffolk street before with an uzi, I thought it pretty strange because if it wasn’t for the vest It just looked like some dude with a gun at a corner.

  7. Feller

    I believe the supressed pistol is a Beretta 9mm (model 92 or some such) and the one underneath looks like a Heckler and Koch USP, also 9mm.

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