‘A Story That Will Stun Irish Show Jumping’



Jamie Leonard writes:

The Irish Field newspaper will break a major international show jumping story this evening at 5.30pm – a story that will stun the Irish show jumping world. The full story will be available online from 9.30pm tonight at The Irish Field with the print edition on sale tomorrow morning. The news will fascinate everyone with even a passing interest in horses.

The scourge of Ketamine?

Horse on horse?

More as we get it.

The Irish Field

Illustration via The irish Field



This is fairly stunning.



Showjumping legend Cruising has been cloned (RTÉ)

41 thoughts on “‘A Story That Will Stun Irish Show Jumping’

    1. Rob_G

      In a move that will revolutionise the sport, the horses will ride around on the jockeys’ backs instead.

  1. jeremy kyle

    And then they’ll have horses selling their wares in the middle of the street and the pimps will be using crack cocaine to keep the horses under control.

  2. Dave

    I heard from someone at the Irish Lawn Bowls Association, that this could be the story of the year.
    And it’s only February! Very exciting.

  3. Continuity Jay-Z

    Anyone who is in show jumpijg knows this story is coming.

    Showjumping Ireland is planning on replacing Irish Dragughts with Simmental bullocks. The plan is to have Team Ireland using them by the time the Aga Kahn comes round in July.

    The reason for this are two fold: firstly it’s due to the decline in bloodstock through putting horses into the food chain and secondly funding to Showjumping Ireland was slashed directly and funding to the Defence Forces bloodstock was fully withdrawn. To ensure there is a team Showjumping Ireland has agreed a partnership with the IFA to supply the team with the aforementiond bullocks for the next three years.

    It’s all a bit of a non-story really.

  4. karlj

    It’s Ok everyone.
    It’s just some twenty nine year old horse that was cloned, twice.
    The two clones have been hidden since 2012.

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