21 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Soundings

    Sunday Times leads on issues in investigation of circumstances of fmr Garda Commissioner’s Martin Callinan resignation. Hints at Enda Kenny telling porkies, but nothing solid.

    Sindo likely to lead on SF regaining its crown as biggest party in the country (by reference to opinion polls, but Sindo’s polling is all over the place, showed a spurt in support for SF at height of Maria Cahill controversy late last year).

    All in all, the dead wood trade is getting deader; would buy the Mail for the Furey CD but given you can convert Youtube to MP3, why bother.

  2. Ppads

    Q: Why does The Sunday Life keep inferring that drugged up Loyalist thugs are anything other than what it says on the tin?

  3. munkifisht

    Wow, gotta say the SIndo’s decision to go with “Je Suis Jonny”, a line associated with recent atrocities in France, as the tag for a story about France getting beaten is pretty tasteless.

    1. mauriac

      the aviva really was ground zero of the rugby world yesterday with johnny carpet bombing the French goalposts in a holocaust of sport.

  4. Soundings

    I wonder when INM will merge Sunday Life and Sunday World. The front pages this week just serve to emphasise their similar content and style. So classy for the Northern Ireland paper to use bullet holes as bullet points. For their “Inside the UDA” story in Sunday Life, you could quite easily substitute some dissi Republican yarn from the north inner city.

  5. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    You start with the quality of the papers and then go on by saying you’d prefer to convert YouTube to mp3 than have the quality of a cd? That’s quality.

    1. Soundings

      My ear can’t tell the difference between a Youtube conversion to MP3 (as long as the original Youtube recording is okay, most are in my experience) and a CD.

      CDs have a capacity of around 30 tracks, your USB with MP3’s is practically limitless.

      And, the CD costs you €2.20 (you can read the Daily Mail in the UK for free, and in my opinion, there’s little of additional value in the Irish edition). The Youtube/MP3 is free.

      This is my favorite Youtube to MP3 conversion tool.

        1. Mick Flavin

          Headphones!?! La dee da!
          A simple pair of discarded yoghurt pots glued to the ends of an alice band will do fine. For the audiophiles out there, writing “Sennheiser” in permanent marker over “Yoplait” can enhance the quality, but personally I would be hard pushed to notice the difference.

  6. mingdo

    When will they burn this rotting paper and resign all wannabes to the dole lines where they belong. The oversharing of private lives is revolting and as boring as Emily and her “sex” life.

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