Broadsheet Trailer Park: World Of Tomorrow



What you may need to know:

1. A young girl named Emily comes in to contact with a distant descendant who has traveled from the future. They discuss technology and how it impacts on humanity.

2. The trailer can’t give away too much. The whole thing is only 17 minutes long.

3. This is not animator Don Hertzfeldt’s first rodeo. He got an Oscar nomination for Rejected (2000) and he was the toast of Cannes for Billy’s Balloon (1998). He even did a Simpsons couch gag.

4. The future is full of lines and colours.

5. We don’t really know if it is any good. Anyone that has seen it appears to have p****d their pants and then written about how it is the most amazing thing they have ever seen.

6. This could just be a front for hypnotoad.

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: Maybe they do live.

Release Date:  March 13 on VOD

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13 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: World Of Tomorrow

  1. Samantha Cunk*

    7’ve had enouhg.
    I cry erertim..
    De boi cries woo R u.???.. go away. *not that Samantha Cunk, a different one.
    I want to know what this thread is about. It doesn’t seem to have a point.
    It keeps happp
    Happening, but nobody knows what it’s about.
    Nobody reads it, they just fight with whatever idiot opened their gob too soon.

  2. Samantha Cunk*

    Wait a minute … I thought I was on a different thread, on a different website.

    Enhance your Broadsheet experience by getting twisted drunk first, like I do.
    Like you ought to.

  3. Samantha Cunk*

    It seems to be all about mostly foreign places, and I like that part of it.
    I want to have my wedding in Palestine, with all those shepherds and their camels and stuff.
    I’d probably get a kangaroo too, from Africa…
    And a horse from Limerick. But a proper horse…not like the last time.

  4. Samantha Cunk

    I am the REAL SAmantha
    Stop mressing. Why dobyouz people dob this
    It fels like I ”m tlakinf to



  5. One Dub

    I stole a copy of a terrible newspaper this morning from McDonalds on Grafton Street.
    I dumped it in a bin down near Suffolk Street.

    If I saved one person from reading it I’ll feel justified .
    No need to say thanks.
    You’re welcome.

    1. One Dub

      They have big burly bouncers in there, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to do what I did. It’s risky.

      A better ploy would be to surreptitiously pick up TWO newspapers, and discreetly slide one of them inside your bra while you read the other one aloud, loud enough to make everyone else too embarrassed to make eye-contact or catch sight of you pretending you’re wearing a bra.

      It works for me.
      It might work for you.

      I also sell bras.

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