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How do you see Ireland in 2116?

Will the GPO be even there?

Martin Reilly writes:

I’m part of an initiative which is running a national essay competition in conjunction with RTÉ2 called 2116Vision. We are asking people to present their vision of what Ireland will be like in one hundred years time. The winners will be able to direct a short film about their vision which will be shown on RTÉ2 in the Autumn.Our goal is to attract as many entries as possible to get as wide a variety of opinions as possible….

2116 Vision Essay Competition

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  1. scottser

    easy, ireland will be owned by denis o’brien who will let the place get flooded and we’ll all work in his paddy fields. the irony will be delicious.

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    “It’s a completely open door and we have a truly open mind.”
    What are they, the Borg??

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Duncan Stewart will be a sea faring sheriff. He’ll have grown gills and spends his time in his bio-cryo-enhanced-self-contained-body-boat made from ethically killed genetically grown Irish trademarked pelican hides. He spends his time patrolling the inland sea known as The Big Pale Blue.

    He moves bi-analy between The People’s Republic Of Carrauntoohil (or The PROC) in what was known as Kerry and The Donard Island Republic (or The DIR) in what was Co. Down.
    He’s known to the people’s of these islands as The Proctor, maintaining peace with the inhabitants of both.

    The people’s of these islands are collectively known as The Procdir People by the Europreens who now live on the tiny island of Dyck-Tau in former Russia. The Dycks are a clean living people with a good life, and they pitied the sodden Procdir people for they had all been ridden senseless by successive governments until the old isle sank into the sea.

    There are no cars, so I lie rusting at the bottom of the Great Meath Barrier Greef looking up at Duncan’s propeller made from an extended Pelican penis called a peli-penis-propeller every time he passes.

    It’ll be good times, wait and you see !

      1. scottser

        well, they say opinions are like @rseholes in that everyone has one. i think it’s only fitting that duncan has two.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        Sphincter Worn Hole Water (Road) Networks is a network of waterways with fast moving currents that accommodate bio-cryo-enhanced-self-contained-body-boats at high speeds. That is upon entering the starter sphincter at The PROC, the body-boat is peristalsisticly propelled along to the far end sphincter at The DIR.

        All of this has yet to be invented.

        I’m working it out, with a pencil.

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