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Stoneybatter, Dublin yesterday.

Trapped In his own house

Paul Fagan writes:

Irish Water have fenced me in with orange scaffolding (the worst kind), leaving only a rickety plank to enter the house. Luckily I live outdoors, among the cats local to stoneybatter, and so have no need to enter the house.

But what if I was elderly, or immobile, and the carelessly placed scaffolding, by people who didn’t spend 30 seconds to think about such things, prevented me from going indoors? Considerate publicly funded services at their best…

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51 thoughts on “Planks

    1. Mister Mister

      And what if you had no legs, and only one arm, and the battery in your exoskeleton was dead ? What it, what if, what if….

    1. Neilo

      Indeed! There’s nothing preventing anyone from folding the hoarding up and removing it from the front door. Worst case scenario: IW contractor has to apply another skim.

          1. Nigel

            They are a curse! Ever since I ran over that old gypsy woman I’ve been plagued by logic and common sense!

    2. Small Wonder

      Yeah! That’ll show em!
      When they’ve long packed up and gone, this guy will still have the cement member sitting on his doorstep, genius!

      1. Mani

        Every time his missus comes home she pauses, looks at the cement member, sighs, and opens the front door.

    1. martco

      fupp that
      call the Gardai
      sure thanks to Joan the new definition for this in the dictionary is KIDNAPPING isn’t it?
      call the Guards to complain and take a case against IW for that

    2. Spartacus


      If a contractor did this on a site they’d be hung out to dry by the safety officer, and would probably be at risk of having their Safe Pass pulled.

  1. the good helen

    I see a CLAIM right there!! just saying like.

    or you could just F the lot of it aside, and get in and out of your house as you like and accept the dirty shoes but wreck their job of cement work, mind they may leave it lke that and then you will have messed up cement outside your door for life. I think claim is better option, trip fall and bang that head hard i tell ya!!

  2. Cian

    They boxed my car in (less serious but still a huge inconvenience) with zero notice when doing the very first set in Kildare. Was assured they’d not keep doing it… Time to start reporting every incident to the HSA, CER etc

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Same thing happened to me, also in Kildare, with zero warning. Came home from work to find the hole dug, car boxed in and the 3-days notification which was not there in the morning tucked into my letterbox. Said it would be a ‘few hours inconvenience’. That was Thursday. Was Tuesday before they moved the plastic barriers.

      And whatever cement they used is lethal when there is a frost.

    1. Mister Mister

      Or you know, get on with it as the inconvenience is only short.

      The entire estate I lived in managed to get all this done early last year without incident or whinging, as I’m sure many the country over have. Most of the houses open out right onto the street so had the barriers and fresh cement right outside the front door also.

      1. Jones

        Same. Was informed of their presence a week or two in advance and told the order of work so cars could be moved. Hassle free really.

      2. scottser

        well judge, i tried to ‘get on with it’ and ignore the inconvenience, however when i stepped on one of the planks that were in turn balanced precariously on a couple of blocks, i ended up twisting my ankle as i fell and then whacked my head off the wall. i’m very sorry for causing the contractor the inconvenience of relaying the cement and of course, for wasting the court’s time.

      3. sickofallthisbs

        Oh grand, and because it doesn’t affect you then it is OK for everybody else. Facetious little moron.

        1. Mister Mister

          For all you know I could be 6 foot 4 and full of muscle, from another European city who has no problem stomping all over an angry little internet dweeb like yourself .

      4. fulladapipes

        Complaining when a contractor breaks the law is not really whinging ( and yes they are breaking the law).

        Contractors are being lazy and cheap here is all.

  3. Mikeyfex

    Bit ignorant alright but I’ve realised I seem to have an unparalleled capacity for just getting on with my day.

    They should of course have relocated the house, fixed the pavement over the few hours it takes, and then returned the house to its original location.

    1. fulladapipes

      You’re probably not blind or in a wheelchair then.

      Doing it right is in the Roads Act. They’ve done it all wrong there.

      1. Mister Mister

        Don’t think the guy posting the pic was blind either, otherwise how would he have taken the photos, and why isn’t there footprints all over the wet cement ?

  4. JimmytheHead

    So yesterday the papers are falling over themselves to tell us about the poor meter installers getting made redundant and today Stoneybatter (which if you follow the IW protests has been resisting non stop) gets meters installed? Good thing Denis O’Brien, owner of SiteServ a.k.a. GMC Sierra, doesnt have his hands in the pockets of the media or i’d be worried…

  5. Gavin

    Amazed at the amount of people that find this acceptable and suggest just getting on with it. Then again sure that’s the Irish way, don’t complain, don’t expect a decent service…just get on with it.

    1. Nigel

      More to the point, when you DO complain, get a load of ‘what makes you so special you think you got something to complain about’ hattitude.

  6. Vote Rep #1

    I live in Stoneybatter. I had assumed that they had finished installing the meters weeks ago as mine was done then and I haven’t seen nor heard any work or protester in ages.

  7. YourNan

    have a little trip accident and sue, plenty solicitors would love to have a go at that merry-go-round

  8. fulladapipes

    What they are at there is totally wrong and if there were inspectors of authority, they would stop it immediately until they get it right.

    Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual specifies exactly how such works are to be undertaken, with signage, ramps, kerbs etc.

  9. Starina

    Scoot the orange barriers over so they become permanently embedded in the cement. Then when they come back they have to redo it

  10. Jesst

    They did the same to me (also in Stoneybatter). Couldn’t get out without moving the barriers and walking on planks. Luckily I’m a fit and able spring chicken, and not one of the sweet old ladies in the area.

    They also made a mess of my front door and didn’t clean up after themselves. I resent the fact I have to use water to clean up after after a company calling themselves ‘Irish Water’.

  11. Diddley Aye

    1. Grab a protester. (Easy to locate, they smell like batter sausages and do not follow a 9 to 5 or indeed know what a work pattern is)
    2. Plant said protester head first in the wet concrete
    3. Stand back and admire the waving legs and arms

    Congratulations, you have now registered your protest against Irish water, whilst also improving the human race and creating a dynamic piece of living art to impress your friends and family.

  12. Soundings

    You should make a complaint of “false imprisonment” to the Gardai. They’ll be dawn-raiding Denis O’Brien and the rest of Sierra/GMC before you can say “Moriarty”

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