Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

Solid, old school chocolate with ‘great melting’.

Currently ranked number ONE in a poll of the 41 best chocolate bars in Ireland.


Given that today is the start of Lent many Irish people will be embarking on one last gorge of chocolate eating before giving it up for 40 days. But what bar should you choose for this last soirée? It’s time to decide on the best bar in Ireland [voting at link below]!


The 41 Best Chocolate Bars in Ireland (

30 thoughts on “Star Bar

  1. Caroline

    I don’t start Lent on the first day of Lent like some sort of pleb. I get a sneaky lock-in at the newsagent so I can really do some damage. What mark on my head? Oh that’s chocolate. Where’s yours?

  2. Kill The Poor

    My god the readers of are peasants !

    41 chocolate bars and not a mention of green & blacks.

    1. martco

      that might be a case of being a wee bit misty eyed for days past….

      2 things to know about Cadbury Milk “Chocolate”

      1. It’s not made like you think it is, Cadbury invented an ingenious process to aid production for so called milk chocolate – they use the normal constituent parts of proper chocolate to produce something called Chocolate Crumb. That stuff is used to make the items you buy on the shelf
      2. They are owned by Kraft and therefore to be avoided if you value your innards ;)

      1. mauriac

        right you are.chocolate should contain 50% cacao solids to be called chocolate. Dairy Milk et al have about 20% .

  3. Corky Duke

    If your giving up stuff for Lent or doing something then you would recognise that today Ash Wednesday is a day of fast and abstinence so gorging on chocolate wont be done. This post should have been put up yesterday. – that says it all….

  4. Skerries

    Chocolate bars these days are mank because of Kraft and also smaller because of the price of cocoa and health concerns

    1. martco

      its always been mank i.e. this isn’t a Kraft inspired mankiness but I’m sure given time Kraft will introduce some cheese-in-a-can type processing innovation to keep the improvements coming

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      I’ll second the Topic choice, but I’d go purple snack (eating chocolate off it first) in second place followed by a Fry’s Chocolate Cream.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I had a Fry’s Chocolate Cream a couple of years ago on the train with a bunch of lads heading off to a stag, I knew the stag but none of his mates…. they called me Grandad for the remainder of the weekend :)

        Good times !

        1. Mani

          You used to be able to get them up North. Them and the French letters for yer ma.

          Before Dame Menopause came a courtin, of course.

  5. scottser

    i’m on cadbury’s strike after their unforgivable crimes against the creme egg. they’ve pretty much ruined easter for me AND it’s my birthday on saturday. cadbury B@STARDS!
    *sucks thumb*

  6. munkifisht

    I’ll have a bar of sanctimonious idolatry of a make believe cosmic space jew with magic powers who’s Dad’s a pathetic vindictive little maggot with a constant need for attention please.

  7. Lenny Zero

    Isn’t supposed to be a sports website? Tho its gone so rubbish lately i haven’t been on it.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I know. Apparently the make-your-own Trocaire boxes are still around.
      The nuns used to call them ‘black baby boxes’.
      Bad times.

      1. Corky Duke

        yes giving money to the poor….bad times. what an idiot. Does it matter who is collecting the money for them?

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