‘For too long this secret language has been draining the fiscal resources of those who do not speak it. Finally this gaelach garble will be unmasked and exposed for the tax-paying people of Erin. The jig is up and the something is something…’


Grainne writes:

I do enjoy the vitriolic comment backlash that the Irish-language usually provokes on your site so this may be of interest to some of your readers. An Irish-language-ish show about the Irish language and how we feel about it. Tonight and tomorrow at Smock Alley Theatre, Exchange Street, Dublin [Details at link below]

Smidríní (Facebook)

18 thoughts on “Free Anocht?

  1. JoeO

    It’s a disgrace. More state subsidies wasted on this show in the “Irish” language. What about us English speakers – are we not “Irish”?
    Is scannal amach is amach é seo. “Seó” ag magadh ár dteanga náisiúnta. Cúramach anois! Síos leis a leithéad seo de rud!

    1. Jamie

      No state subsidies here I’m afraid; a completely unfunded piece of theatre with 0% of any financial profit. Just people wanting to put something on that reflects how they feel about the world. Why can’t we support that?

      1. Ultach

        Loving the strapline: “Warning, this play contains the Irish language, which some people may find offensive …”. May, indeed.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I welcome this debate, and I’d say you would too Ultach :) …correct me if I am wrong… I’d like to make it to Friday, cannot do tonight.

      Looks to be a bit more tongue in cheek than any kind of Gaelic bashing to me. There are wasteful elements to the teaching and maintenance of the language and why shouldn’t that be raised, it’s not like the whole island will be speaking it ever again.

      And yep, TG4 do a great job revoicing movies, they’ve done loads including all the Harry Potters! Plus it costs them less to buy when they make it known the movie / cartoon / programme from abroad is dubbed into Irish. And a far better way for people to pick up the language than reading or being taught Irish like a first language.

      Great idea for a debate… hopefully I’ll get there on Friday.

      1. Ultach

        I didn’t detect any Gaelic bashing either (not that I have a hair trigger for that kind of thing, do I? DO I!!? Yep, I’d say I would enjoy that Clampers, if I could get to it. I hope they bring it northwards. Looking forward to your review!

  2. Cizzlewizzle

    Seems very clear that they are being satirical, and them joking about the usual anti-Irish keyboard warrior comments that appear under any post to do with the Irish langauge.

    It will be an enjoyable show, ag súil leis.

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