This Is Just Wrong. Period


Galway City Tribune Feb 27

Job applicants and people who have been offered a post at the university have also been asked: “Do you suffer any breast problems? Have you ever been treated for gynaecological problems? Have you ever suffered prostate problems?”

NUIG, according to the questionnaire, says that the questions are necessary to establish if the appointee is “fit for the job”.

If he or she can, “carry out the job without any undue risk to the health and safety of themselves or others at work”.

And that NUIG “will have reasonable expectation that the appointee will provide regular attendance at work until retirement”.

NUIG staff up in arms over ‘invasive’ health quiz (Connacht Tribune)
Irish Examiner: NUI Galway form asks job applicants about their menstrual cycles

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28 thoughts on “This Is Just Wrong. Period

    1. Odis

      Still, there’s a way to deal with people who are taking the complete piss and it isn’t to discriminate against people who have been treated for cancer.
      There are people I know who work in top end jobs – who have had just such treatment. It’s invasive questioning and misses the point.

      1. Mé Féin

        You are beside the point. I worked with one fella once whose prostate got so big we couldn’t get in or out of the office. As a world-ranked university full of extremely gifted academics, NUIG has every right to ask these questions. In fact, they should answer them too. So there.

  1. Odis

    I see, essentially they seem to want to discriminate against people who have been treated for some of the curable forms of cancer, or am I missing something?

  2. Jonotti

    Boo hoo. Men over 40 have to get medically fingered before they start in my current place. A tick box doesn’t seem quite as invasive.

  3. MyloD

    The questions pretty much rule out most candidates over the age of 50, male or female.

    I’ve never been able to achieve a prostate orgasm, but I’m not sure if that counts as a prostate problem?

  4. Stephanenny

    “Do you suffer with any problems with your menstrual periods?”

    Honest answer four years ago – yes. Painful cramps, profuse bleeding, stained trousers, increased body temperature, sweatier than usual, irritability, lost sleep and great discomfort over all.

    Honest answer now – technically still yes because I don’t get periods anymore and technically that’s a problem.

    And that’s what’s stupid about this question. What they want to know is if there’s anything that will hinder you from doing your job. They already ask you if you’ve taken time off work in the past and why you did so. Why do they need to ask questions specific to your menstrual cycle?

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