”We Know He’s Gay, It’s Not A Problem’



This evening’s Herald

In evidence, Judge O’Connor heard that the couple’s son had gone out of their home to walk a younger sibling back from a bus stop.Someone had been throwing stones at their house and there was a group of teenage boys outside.
The woman said “I could see they were very angry” and her son was repeatedly taunted about being gay.
She said she went out and calmly told the teens: “We know he is gay, it is not a problem.”
“Three girls came running at me, screaming and shouting who the eff did I think I was,” the woman told the court.
She was on the verge of tears as one of the girls had a cigarette and “went for my eye but it hit just under my eye”.

Mum kicked and burned by girls after defending her son from gay abuse (Tom Tuite, Herald.ie)

32 thoughts on “”We Know He’s Gay, It’s Not A Problem’

  1. fluffybiscuits

    Once outside the George I was snogging this fella.

    Now bear in mind Im six foot two, built like a prop forward, am fat and have a shave head.

    Some guy called me a freak and filmed me on his phone .

    I gave him an elbow to the jaw

    Dont mess with ‘dem gayiz’!!

      1. Niallo

        Yes, yes it is.
        Sometimes the only answer, if we all appeased the aholes of the world all the time we would be penniless japanese speaking nazi’s.
        And queue torrent of criticism for not having a “right on” view in 3,2,1,

    1. rotide

      Usually violence is the last refuge of the ignorant/incompetant

      In cases like that though it’s pretty justified.

      Dickhead looking for a dig, recieves dig. No problem there.

    2. Frilly Keane


      Did the fella you were shifting maul ya afterwards
      Like knight in shining armour happy ever after stuff?

    3. Niallo

      So let me get this straight, your doing your thing, and this dude is filming you and calling you names and YOUR supposed to be the freak ?
      Oh, chin him, without a doubt.

    4. Shayna

      It does beg the question – what was the guy going to do with his phone video footage? Perhaps it was for use as a soother to get him over to sleep at nights? Loving the use of the elbow, by the way!

    5. Bingo

      He filmed you and another guy kissing on the street? Ha! You should’ve told him that there’s plenty of websites to cater for his secret interests!

  2. phil

    Any possibility that this sort of behavour may have been influenced by comments from the ‘instuite’ ? You know those people who are definately not homophobes?

  3. Major Thrill

    This month alone we’ve seen this story, warnings about gangs placing dating adverts on gay sites with the intention of attacking the poor sod who meets them and the couple who were beaten in Limerick.

    That’s what happens when you balance compassion and tolerance with angry, confrontational language about “attacks” on our way of life.

    1. Der

      and you can be sure for every story that makes the paper there are plenty that don’t.

      I was enjoying my first kiss with a boy in a club in Galway, when a bunch of lads threw a pint glass at my head. The bouncers seeing all of this kick us out, leaving the attackers to enjoy their night. That was 2004, I was 18.

      This country isn’t as open and accepting as it thinks it is.

      1. Niallo

        Yep, ever wondered where iliterate intolerant ignorant redneck hillbilly klan types come from ? Yep, you guessed it.

  4. D2dweller

    Honestly if this judge allows the Probation act if they write a letter then he should be removed from the bar immediately

  5. Goosey Lucy

    Probation?!? What a load of BS !!!!
    Alcohol isn’t a mitigating factor for you beating someone up, it’s an excuse!
    Sickening to think that the judge would even consider probation.

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