18 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Kate o Sullivan

    It represents various levels of Know-Allism taxi drivers have reached on their high horses over the years.

  2. 评论员

    I popped out of the leaba this morn feeln’ great, like a kid who was happy for some unknown subconscious reason until it dawned, it was Xmas bleeedn’ day, ye know like those morns when you have had a good nights kip and the day is your oyster, even though you had to get up to piss in the sink at around 4, in any case I took a peepy poos out de window only to see the frost on my car & the traffic top to toe with peoples tumbing away on their phones as the traffic crawled along, the Xmas rat race is on, the fools, they are all of down to Dundrum shopping center. I had plans today which involved very little early morn Saturday traffic making my tasks easier, then it dawned on me its beedn’ Monday, well you know what you can do with yourself Monday ye can go and sh**te, I’m putting on the heat & finding a 1970’s episode of Colombo I never finished watching.

  3. JP

    I asked a gentleman who said he lived there who was standing outside having a smoke. He told me it was some sort of art installation where the years are listed in complete random order and the blank plaque that is mounted beside it is meant to represent whatever year you want to put in it. Cost 20K supposedly. The gentleman didn’t seem to be particularly enamored by it. He may have been winding me up. I’m not even sure if he lived there.

    1. munkifisht

      Pretty successfull art piece. People still questioning and getting baffled about it years later.

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