‘Chest Pains’


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.23.21

Martin ‘Viper’ Foley

The moment Martin ‘The Viper’ Foley was ‘grappled’ to the floor in jeweller’s following row (Independent.ie)

Pic: Herald

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22 thoughts on “‘Chest Pains’

  1. FK

    Why do they give them such ridiculous names? How about more realistic ones like “The Criminal” or “The Wouldn’t Want to Meet Him in a Dark Alley”?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The media are responsible for most of them. A practice initially used to avoid libel.

    2. McKay

      Libel comment is a good point although the names they chose could stand some scrutiny. You’d think we were living in Gotham city or something.

    3. Mr. T.

      If you ever paid any attention to anything, you’d know it’s because of possible libel cases.

      1. FK

        Wow! Someone is in great form! I didn’t ask why they gave them names, I asked why they gave them ridiculous names. Make sure you understand the question before you answer next time.

  2. Mr. T.

    I wonder what Paul “The Frowner” Williams or his centre parting haircut will have to say about this.

    1. peterandrefan44

      (walks down dark smoke filled alley)
      ”you`ll have to wait and read about it in my new book,
      ‘Scum Lads’ “

  3. chris

    Kinda convenient, those chest pains. Easier to break out of hospital than from prison…
    Would the world weep too much if he had a heart attack and died?

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