Sure Where Would You Get It?



This morning.

Niall smith writes:

The untreated motorway means I am working from home and looking out the window at ‘Frank Jensen’ and ‘Abby’ just outside Kells [Co Meath].


Jimmy the head writes:

Beautiful crisp morning in Artane [Dublin]…


Moira Cardiff writes:

Snow on sand…Balbriggan beach [Co Dublin] this morning.

7 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. Eoghany

    The list of excuses for not doing a days work is growing by the year. People are getting away with it on “health and safety” grounds. Remember a few months ago schools around the country closed because it was windy. This rightly caused uproar among normal people. Windy!!! Didn’t happen in my day I tells ye!!

  2. Philomena Egan

    You should be ashamed of yourself leaving those dogs out it the cold.

    Have heart and bring them inside.

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