The New Ryanair


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No more rage-inducing garish yellow interiors?

Thank fupp.


21 thoughts on “The New Ryanair

  1. scottser

    don’t the cabin crew have to buy their own uniforms? i’d say they’re delighted with that announcement..

    1. ollie

      Don’t carpenters have a to buy their own work clothes and tools?
      This is the norm in the real world, only mollycoddled employees like Aer Lingus cabin crew get their freebies.

      1. Bobby

        Having your company give you your uniform is being mollycoddled? And other than that, Scottser’s statement about the staff being delighted that they now have to buy another uniform is still quite apt.

      2. Mr. T.

        Ollie thinks employees should pay their employer for the privilege of working for them. He probably subscribes to Forbes, thinking he’s part of the jet-set with his leased BMW and negative equity box in Sandyford.

        When companies used to have the respect of their employees was when there was a mutual respect enjoyed. Companies treated employees well and in return go loyal service and pride in workmanship. It was a collective achievement and a collective goal to perform well.

        Now companies are run by MBAs who hop from one job to another without really understanding the product or service of the business they are employed to manage.

        It’s all bottom line without the input of human dynamics.

        1. ollie

          stuck in the 80’s Mr T?
          remember what aer lingus used to charge for a London flight?
          2 years waiting time to get a phone installed?

        2. ollie

          for info, no bmw and all properties very much in positive equity, both in Ireland and abroad.

          1. everybody

            bahahaha 07 / 08 / 09 BMW drivers are hilarious, the big sad recession heads on them…..

      3. Deg

        Mollycoddling, lol. The carpenter can use those work clothes for any other job they do. What’s a Ryanair employee going to do with their uniform once they’ve left?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      They may have to add an obese seat to cater for the larger passenger. Yes, they exist.

      1. Milk teeth

        It’s the thickness of the seats that have shrunk, means you might have more legroom. Or more rows of seats.

        1. Real Joe

          awesome Milk Teeth you made 4 people look very silly, jesus lads read up on it before going mad in the comments

  2. 15 cents

    eff ryanair .. im forced to use them this weekend and its killin me. id happily pay way more to use a different airline. the staff treat you like you’ve just wandered into their sittin room and started flickin thru the channels. when u sit down on the flight ur actually on someones lap and ur knees are in ur chin, and on top of that really loud horrible ads play from the speakers every 10 seconds. and to top it all off, the pilots are so afraid of being a minute late that they adopt a space shuttle approach.. shoot straight up in the air and srop sharply down to the destination, giving everyone nose bleeds and burst ear drums.

  3. Real Joe

    great to see an airline actually do things customers want, we’re look at you snairlingus

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