19 thoughts on “More Than Hands

    1. :O/

      Jeez Hank would you ever stop this ridiculous masquerade. If he hasn’t asked you by now, he never will. Move on.

  1. George

    It’s more of a stock photography issue, There are potential problems with taking a stock photo of two men or women and using it to illustrate an article on same sex marriage.

      1. Ciarán

        somehow the very implication that someone might be gay seems to be the worst insult imaginable, from George’s perspective at least

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Why? Stock photos are used for purposes different than what they may have been taken for all the time (see “women sad on bed” or STIs or sex problems)

  2. Barry the Hatchet

    I wouldn’t be concerned about the hands so much as the fact that those gays are holding stakes, which they’re driving right through the heart of heterosexual marriages across the world.

    1. Gary

      Ha Ha you better believe it! Time to get used to it im thinking!!! How will you ever survive???

  3. Lorcan Nagle

    Something something appeal to the undecided middle something something tone policing.

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