5 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Soundings

    Would love to see the CCTV of Timmy Dooley’s self-described “bat out of hell” pursuit of an alleged mugger. Somehow, I think he was more a caped exaggerator than a caped crusader, and as BoJo demonstrated in London, such heroics play very well with your electorate.

    Great Crufts picture on front page of the Times – showing once again, owners really do select dogs in their own image.

    No Belfast Telegraph? Such a shame, they’re on a winning streak with cat stories – “cat vigilante killer on the loose in east Belfast” and separate story and pictures of kiddies bawling over their family cat which was put down by a vet when it got out and was regarded as a stray, was returned to family frozen in a freezer bag.

  2. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

    Is there any chance at all BS might include a foreign newspaper on these pages, outside of the Anglo world?

    Any one would do – it might show your loyal readers there is life outside of our ex-masters across the Irish Sea and our current/future ones across the Atlantic.

    1. Casey

      Sure why stop there? Shurely there is an auld copy of Austronesian monthly they can throw up as well as naval-gazing weekly…..

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