35 thoughts on “My Irish Is Rap

    1. Ultach

      Repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and despite all the evidence to the contrary some people will believe you. Still a lie though.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        That could also be applied to the belief that some hold that the way the Irish curriculum is taught in schools is the best way to teach the language… contrary to world wide teaching methods…. but let the believers believe what they want, lies or not.

        1. Ultach

          No there’s a valid point. English-medium schools are failing. Make every school a Gaelscoil!

    2. ReproBertie

      Next time you’re in Finland you should listen to the radio. You might just catch the Nuntii Latini. It’s the news in latin and the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s longest running program.

      Thankfully the world is full of people who lack your inane, small-minded, bitterness when it comes to languages.

      1. Ultach

        Sharpen your pencil, ReproBertie, and get ready for the anti-Irish language bigot bingo. We’ve already got “dead language”. In forthcoming comments look out for, among others, waste of money, forced down our throats, forcing children to speak a dead language, Irish is offensive, feck off fascist gwaylgores (expect several alternative spellings), the Christian Brothers/nuns/some teacher made me hate it, Peig, armchair republicans, what about the Unionists, what about the cost of translation, what about Mandarin, there are more Polish speakers, Irish is backward, statistics, there are too few Irish speakers, there are too many Irish speakers, elitism, self entitlement, privilege, Irish is racist, the classic “you’re doing more harm than good, yuknow, by loike, promoting the language, which just totes torns liberal neutrals loike me roight off”, gravy train …
        Ready, eyes down!

        1. Eoghany

          Do you mean that people ought not have a different opinion to yours? You’re obviously superior.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Its more fun to play comment bingo then to read the shite some people come out with. See anything about feminism/women’s right/abortion/water protests/SSM for the same old boring comments.

          2. Ultach

            I love the different opinions, keep ’em coming. I’ll add “you’re obviously superior” and your question to the bingo card. Thanks Eoghany! Tick, tick.

          1. The Old Boy

            Not quite, Fr Dineen would have given a firm rap on the knuckles for missing the ‘e’ in Gaedhilgeoirí.

          1. Ultach

            Never frequent those two, Clampers. Apart from BS I briefly flirt in English with Slugger O’Toole and occasionally an Sionnach Fionn. In Irish, of course, there’s iGaeilge, Meon Eile, Úna Ultach, Nuacht24, An Tuairisceoir, Tuairisc.ie, Nós and the rest of them, but they’re more for chat than bingo. It’s starting to appear that I may be spending too much time on line.

  1. bisted

    …’Gleetacht’…love it…Coláiste Lurgan stuff is great but a few of this crowd look well past the Leavin’…

    1. Ultach

      They’re Irish speaking civil servants on the oul gravy train taking a break from translating on their three hour lunch.

      1. bisted

        …you seem to be eager to get your bingo card full there…Clisare must be around 30 and isn’t she a hack with the sindo?

  2. lolly

    to change the subject – I think Clisare is great. give that girl a bit more TV exposure is what I say.

  3. Drogg

    Just when you think this country can’t get any worst they roll out this crap and ask for more.

    1. Ultach

      Hmm, let’s see, I don’t have lazy generalisation of all Irish speakers as “they” as if they were one homogenous group yet, or a “just when you think this country can’t get any worse” random swipe at someone who does something, anything, in Irish just for the fun of it and DARES put it on line and gets it called crap by an ignorant lurt who doesn’t even understand it … ah, there you go, thanks Drogg, tick, tick. Slowly but surely.

      1. Drogg

        Ultach this was noting to do with Irish so relax your underwear. I was commenting about the crap that is repurposing a crap song by a homophobe and the fact that I generally find clisare posts annoying and tedious. But yeah just add me is as another character on your paranoid bingo.

        1. Ultach

          Oh, fair enough. Easing my waistband right now. Thanks. Now I have to rub dem two ticks of me bingo card. As you were Drogg. You’re not the ignorant lurt I implied you were. Unless you want to be.

          1. Drogg

            My feelings on the Irish language hasn’t changed, but there is no point in arguing that with you as you are set in your ways, as am I. But the use of Irish in this video would be the furthest thing that comes to my mind when I see it.

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