Boho Mum Rhapsody


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A hippy Mother’s Day?

Oh go on then.

Andre Gorski writes:

My jewellery line, Born Rubie, is perfect for Mothers with a modern and bohemian sense of style. Available online at 15% Off for Broadsheet Readers with coupon BROADSHEET15MD, now through March 15th. Give the gift of handmade this Mother’s Day! Thank you for the continued support of small businesses in Ireland…

Born Rubie

Irish-Made last minute Mother’s Day to marked ‘Irish-Made Mother’s Day. No fee just a motherly hair tousle.

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9 thoughts on “Boho Mum Rhapsody

  1. Starina

    cute designs but you want to charge 40 quid for faux turquoise? And a lot of the pieces look like they’ve come from the jewellery factories of Bangkok. Hand-stamped, sure, but hand-made?

    1. Mister Mister

      Yeah Starina, you miserable tight ass.

      There’s some beautiful things on her site, a few things caught my eye so I’ve ordered something for my wife and daughter. And the prices are very reasonable.

      1. Joe the Lion

        Really? Referring to another poster as a ‘miserable tight ass’?

        Saying you want to ‘stab ..(someone’s) avatar’?

        Ok then if you insist – just gobspoos.

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