Broadsheet Trailer Park: Eat Your Children



What you may need to know:

1. It’s a new documentary from filmmakers Treasa O’Brien (left) and Mary Jane O’Leary, fusing (and we quote) ‘observational footage, street voxpop, archive material and metaphorical visual essay language mixed with on-the-road verite’. We do love a bit of verite.

2. O’Brien and O’Leary emigrated, then returned, and set about trying to make sense as to why we (and again we quote) ‘have an apathy, or even an antipathy, towards protest’. Have they been to Tallaght recently?

3. The title comes from Swift’s A Modest Proposal.

4. It’s screening at this year’s Jameson Dublin Film Festival. Russell Crowe’s going to be there, too. Not at this screening, although you never know. He’s a live wire, that Rusty Crowe.

5. We say: Not exactly the type of horror film we were hoping for, but possibly essential all the same.

Screening: March 22nd, Screen Cinema Dublin

13 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Eat Your Children

  1. Drogg

    I will wait to see it to pass judgment but that looks terrible. Badly edited content it looks like a college project.

  2. Rob_G

    You lost me at “…metaphorical visual essay language mixed with on-the-road verite”

    => “… although our film is pretentious, it will actually be quite sub-par on the technical side”

    1. Mani

      ‘I suppose you could say…for us the ideal outcome is that no-one would watch this….’

  3. Bacchus

    that was awful.
    But in regard to the Irish protesting… sure there’s people out on streets shouting and chanting but it’s been taken over by the worst kind of uninformed lefty muppets (I have a lot of time for the informed ones) , megalomaniacs, petty criminals and outright thugs. The protests are not representative of the views of the vast majority of Irish people but they’ll humour them in the hope that it leads to some progress on the water tax issue.

  4. Mr. T.

    The middle class don’t protest because they’re so f*cking vain that they’re afraid their peers will think they’re disadvantaged or loonies.

    They’d rather be undermined and taxed to death while those above and below fleece the system unabated.

      1. Bacchus

        You were impressed by that “insight”? Wow, wait you see these magic beans I have here…

    1. Kieran NYC

      You’ve never told us about all your protesting heroics and derring-do.

      Do tell. I’m all ears. Sticking it to the man currently?

      Or just being snarky on a humourous website?

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