mr pee

Yesterday evening.

Grand Canal Dock Dart station.

Vanessa writes:

Waiting for the northbound DART at 17:50 yesterday was disgusted to see a man [in his late 20s, early 30s] whip it out and pee through the railings from the platform at Grand Canal Dock. Briefcase and suit, but not an ounce of class. Even took his time putting it back in so I have a vision in my head I wish I could erase. This is sitting “innocently” after the incident on the platform. What a douche..

141 thoughts on “Slash Harry

  1. garthicus

    Just wondering. Would you post a pic of a homeless guy peeing in the street or a pic of a drunk peeing in a doorway at night? Would you call the police because of it? Why is this different?

    Genuinely curious.

    1. newsjustin

      Looks like a station without a public toilet, he was waiting for a train, didn’t want to leave the platform to find some non-existent toilet somewhere else?

      A brave move, sure. Some might say brazen. But is Vanessa claiming he deliberately exposed himself to her (in which case defo call the guards), or is she just annoyed that he would urinate in public (which is still fair enough).

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Nah. Vanessa has ‘seen it all’ now. You need to target an un-willied maiden. With a camera and good photoshopping skills.

      2. pedeyw

        He looks like a grown up. Hold it in or find a toilet and get the next train. There are plenty of cafes near Grand Canal.

      3. Lorcan Nagle

        It’s been a few years since I’ve been in that station, but I’m fairly sure there’s a bathroom.

      4. Paolo

        If he can’t organise his time so that he isn’t “forced” to tinkle in front of people then he shouldn’t be allowed out by himself.

    2. Tony

      Next up in comments – the dance of the flasher apologists, followed by s synchronised display by the Misogyny All-Stars.

      Let’s get started.

    1. sickofallthisbs

      Another moronic statement from you. So everybody who wees in public is religious? What utter nonsense, it is not even funny.

  2. Digs

    I’m guessing he would’ve been slightly embarrassed and would only have done it cause otherwise he’d have pissed himself. Also, sounds like you had a good stare when most other people would turn away. I only say this because you said as much.

    1. Paolo

      Stupid, stupid comment. What if he had taken a dump? Should we all just pretend it isn’t happening?

      1. Parp

        I know if I need to have a sh!te and it’s my jocks or the path, there’s no one alive who could stop me dropping trousers.

      1. ZeligIsJaded

        Then I have sympathy with the guy.

        I’ve been caught short myself many a time, and hurt myself trying to keep it in.

        Often thought I would have been better off to ‘whip it* out and pee’ wherever.

    1. Just sayin'

      No public toilets in the station. The nearest toilets would be in a pub 5 minutes away. Unless he as a medical condition, he really has no excuse. Pearse station is just one stop away – he could’ve gone there.

      1. cait

        Except he’s on the southbound platform at Grand Canal dock and therefore not going to pass through Pearse. Still vile behaviour, from man or woman.

    1. Jen

      So do you see as many girls squatting when they need to pee?Unless he has a medical condition or is actually a very large 3 year old there is no excuse it’s rotten.

  3. Hank

    So Vanessa, you found it impossible to avert your gaze and now can’t stop thinking about it?

  4. Mikeyfex

    I’ll admit to doing this in Drumcondra Dart station a few years ago. Was positively bursting and tried to be as discreet as possible (i.e. no junior infants technique this time). It was either that or go to work soggy. I’d take a scolding from two guards and a dirty look from a nosey neighbour over that I reckon.

  5. Rep

    There’s no public toilets for miles around there. Many people have bladder problems. Be a bit less prissy and less judgmental.

    1. Starina

      How come men have all sorts of excuses for wee weeing in public but you very, very rarely see a woman doing it?

      (cue loads of lads going “I once saw a girl peeing on such-and-such a street”)

      1. newsjustin

        Women have just as many excuses for doing it. More in fact. Pregnancy is a good reason.

        I have zero time for people who piss in public out of choice. I have plenty of sympathy for a person, male or female, who, for whatever reason, is disastrously “caught short” and needs to go there and then, once they take all reasonable steps to be discrete.

      2. donkey_kong

        worked in a hotel/niteclub combo as a bouncer before for a few years,
        the girls used to squat between the cars in the car park and slash

        other than that it’s mostly fellas but it is easier to hold it in as a woman
        even my 1 lady friend says it

          1. Joe the Lion

            I’m joking- jaysus Christ Janet!

            Clearly it should be if taking a piss in public offends some so grievously

  6. Bingo Slimz

    While it’s certainly not encourageable, maybe the man has a medical condition and was about to piss himself.

    Would it have been better for him to piss himself with ‘dignity’ to save your moral outrage?

    I’d estimate more than 90% of men would not piss off the edge of a DART platform unless they were in a very bad way.

      1. sickofallthisbs

        You should listen to some Beethoven when you pee – it is glorious and dignified.

          1. Joe the Lion

            No and anyway it’s the No. 12 that’s in A-flat

            Clearly it’s

            Opus 129: Rondo à Capriccio in G major (“Rage over a lost penny”)

  7. ahyeah

    jaysus the next time I see some thicko politician praising BS for it’s “journalistic” endeavours, I will remember this post.

  8. rugbyfan

    I would love it he took a photo of a shocked Vanessa and posted it in!

    Vanessa get your camera ready for more action because during the marathon this october there will be loads of lads stopping to ‘take a break’ !

  9. ahyeah

    Violating Vanessa,
    where’s the class in :
    a)taking photo of man – a violation of his privacy
    b)posting to BS- again a violation of privacy
    c) BS posting it- another violation of privacy

      1. ahyeah

        No proof of offending act, just pic of man easily identifiable, with an accusation that he whipped it out and pissed, an inference that he broke the law ( ie pissing in public) or that he exposed himself ( again inference that he broke the law).

    1. :O/

      Ah great. ‘Anne the man’ is here. Knew a lady-hating thread would bring you in eventually what with you being a lady- hating man pretending to be a woman!

      Anne – you da man

        1. :O/

          Anne is a male commenter who hilariously pretends to be a woman. That’s a gender issue no?.

          Or maybe you’re Anne yourself? Either way this comment thread is really drawing in the lady-haters. I like to call out the lady-haters whenever I see em.

          And easy with the other kind of name-calling there fella. There’s no need to be rude.

          1. ahyeah

            What Vanessa did was wrong, what BS ( male and female contributors ) was wrong. If Vanessa was offended at the time of alleged act , she should have called the guards, not posted to BS a pic of man accompanied by an accusation of a public order offence. If you can’t see that , I suggest you swot up on your ethics, rather than yanking out the cheap “lady hating” card . Gender is not the issue . BS fancies itself as being all things leftie, yet doesn’t seem to have much of a grasp on equality, justice , respect, trademarks of the left.

          2. Joe the Lion

            There’s nothing ‘wrong’ at all about what Vanessa did.

            However she’s probably an *******.

  10. eamonn moran

    This guy is still extremely recognizable and if Vanessa is telling Porkies, or even if she isn’t she has half insinuated he may have deliberately exposed himself and you have just defamed him.
    I wish I was this guy.
    Id make a nice few quid out of broadsheet

      1. Joe the Lion

        To be defamatory a statement has to be shown to be malicious and false.

        The person making the statement has to show reasonable belief in the veracity of it.

        But don’t let that get in the way of a good rant ahyeahbollicks

        1. ahyeah

          Nope, doesn’t have to be malicious and false, just false. I doubt the honest opinion defence would work if BS merely without questioning or requiring proof of offending act, published pic and accusation. Joe bitten by he Lion

          1. Joe the Lion

            we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one

            but really – what harm is being done to his reputation by publishing this? There has to be actual damages suffered and the plaintiff has to show that. Has he lost his job as a result? Marriage broke up? Cut in salary? Go on.

  11. ahyeah

    Slash Harry is easily identifiable from that pic and coupled with the accusation, could sue BS & Vanessa. No proof of a public order offfence, unless of course he was caught on CCTV.
    Vanessa most likely does not have proof of the offending act , as I doubt she wanted to tread too deeply into voyeuristic territory by taking a snapshot of whipperman whipping.
    I would like to know your thoughts, Legal Coffee Drinker.

    1. ahyeah

      Irish Defamation Act 2009 does not require serious harm and defines a defamatory statement as one that “tends to injure a person’s reputation in the eyes of reasonable members of society”….. “defamation is actionable without proof of special damage”. No Joe, please do not go on

      1. Joe the Lion

        How is your notional friend’s reputation damaged exactly? It is alleged he had a piss.

        1. ahyeah

          Which would constitute a breach of the law . A reasonable man would infer that to be publicly accused of breaching the law would be damaging to reputation.

          1. Joe the Lion

            Only if were not true. The burden would be on your notional friend to prove this wasn’t the case which could be difficult. There’s probably a wee stain or residual traces of his urine in the location and could even have been other witnesses to the alleged incident.
            A lawyer friend said to me once ‘taking a defamation case is like ocean yacht racing’.

            I’m not certain either a reasonable man or even a man on the Clapham omnibus for that matter would see that being accused of taking a widdle in public was automatically defamatory. I suppose the ancillary facts would come into play then e.g. did Vanessa report the crime to the authorities or just go blabbing about it on the internet etc. But she appears to have a reasonable belief it actually happened.

  12. PaddyLast

    Nobody is suggesting that it is OK to urinate in public but maybe we shouldn’t all be so quick to judge.

    If the person that posted this was so offended by what happened they should have stated that at the time.

    Posting a picture of the guy on the internet with no understanding of why this person did what they did is highly irresponsible.

    Again, not condoning urinating in public but lets face it, people can get caught short.

    1. FK

      Most people on this thread are suggesting it’s ok to wazz in public. It’s not. It’s also illegal (though that may have changed). As many said, he could have found an emptier part of the platform. Also, if he has a medical condition, then chances are he would make provisions based on that, such as knowing where all the toilets on his route are to avoid being in such a position. Has anyone entertained the idea that maybe he’s just ill-mannered? Vanessa is equally ill-mannered by taking and posting a photo of him. It is never acceptable to do that.

    2. Nigel

      ‘Nobody is suggesting that it is OK to urinate in public’

      1. PaddyLast

        Nigel – I didn’t bother reading most of it. In fact, I’m starting to wonder how I got drawn into commenting on it myself. But for your benefit let me rephrase my comment, ‘I am not saying it is OK to urinate in public’.

        Off to watch some racing!!

  13. Lush

    Living in France, one gets accustomed to men peeing in public, wherever and whenever.
    Just avert your eyes…and put your phone in your pocket.

  14. SimpleRogers

    Two things:

    1. that aint no briefcase.
    2. when you gotta go, you gotta go – you’re just jealous u dont have requisite hosing

  15. cluster

    Weird how many people are criticising Vanessa.

    I thought it was broadly accepted that widdling in public, particularly in exposed spots in daytime was rude & unpleasant.

    If you have a condition, then find a solution – try a portable catheter tube or something. I agree that it is a disgrace that the public toilets were closed (the official reason was that the Guards didn’t want to police them rather than funds) but the vast majority of his fellow citizens are able to find a better way of managing their bladder-release needs.

    Some people have no pride.

        1. ahyeah

          Role reversal, woman peeing and man took photo of said woman and posted it to BS. Would BS post it, unlikely and even if they did , the comments would be much more critical.
          This is not an issue of gender which BS readers tend to raise whenever a woman’s actions are criticised. Gender issue was also raised in a recent posting of a piece on snot which was so badly written , I almost felt like sending the woman back to secondary school. The piece was criticised not because it was written by a woman , but because it was just pure snot. Gender is irrelevant.

          1. Nigel

            I refer you to the following:

            ‘Vanessa is just jealous she can’t widdle through the railings without a lot of difficulty.’
            ‘So Vanessa, you found it impossible to avert your gaze and now can’t stop thinking about it?
            Hmmm..’ (This one is mega creepy.)
            ‘Penis envy.’
            ‘Get over it Vanessa, he’s a man. ‘
            ‘you’re just jealous u dont have requisite hosing’

            Nah, not about gender at all.

            (Please note for your own edification that a thing can be about more than one thing. There are people supporting public widdling, especially if you’re a man, there are people having a go at Vanessa for taking umbrage as a woman at being effectively flashed, which is what I was responding to, and there’s the question about the ethics of posting the picture to a public place like this, which is fair enough, as a question.)

  16. pissedasanewt

    Maybe he likes to do stuff relating to the station name and then ticks them off his list.. “Grand Canal Cock done, not to take my top off in Hooterstown”

  17. bmcc123

    one time in primary school i needed to have a poo but it was early and the school was closed so i went down the end of the football pitch to have a poo then later everyone was gathered around the poo and enda murphy said it was a human poo and i was so scared that they might know i was the human that made the poo.

  18. Johnny

    BREAKING NEWS! Man takes a p!$$. While I don’t necessarily condone urinating in public (and personally, if I was left with no option, I’d be a bit more discreet), being offended by this is a bit of a first world problem and you’re worse for taking a photo and posting your precious views. Just as well you didn’t live in Tudor times where they used to hoof it out the upstairs window. You’d have plenty of opportunity with ye olde iPhone camera then. Time to grow up a bit, I think.

    1. Formerly known as


      As someone who has a frequency and urgency issue, I feel for the man.

      I also recommend that you go down, as if you were doing up your shoe laces, then do your wee. It is best done by the wheel of your car, if possible.

  19. Mr. T.

    Hang on. Was Vanessa looking at it? I think she was. I think was offended by her own base reaction.

  20. scottser

    i recall a case i had to investigate a few years ago where this bloke would take a dump at a bus stop outside st raphaela’s school in stillorgan every day. turned out to he worked in tallaght hospital.
    southsiders. tut-tut-tut..

  21. Kieran NYC

    An incredible lack of public toilets in Ireland. Would be an easy ‘win’ for improving the atmosphere and pleasantness of towns countrywide.

  22. Peter Dempsey

    Vanessa is outraged and SO ANGRY because the man wore a suit and had a briefcase. He doesn’t get a free pass. If he was an underprivileged member of society then she would make excuses for them.

  23. Vondervoman

    There’s a old scruffy guy at the landsdowne southbound stop who regularly whips it out and pees in the rain shelter beside me, i suspect he is looking for the shock value… Unfortunately that only works the first two times I expect it at this stage but it does put me off my morning banana

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