She Is Among Us


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Actress Amy Huberman among those greeting Hollywood actress and comedian Amy Poehler today  at Trinity College’s Philosophical Society where Ms Poehler accepted the University Society’s Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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37 thoughts on “She Is Among Us

    1. Dhaughton99

      Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is so fecking good. Netflix if your not already all over it.

    1. sheepeyes

      Created, produced and starred in Parks and Recs, generally considered one of the best comedies in years. Unimpressive indeed.

      1. Brian S

        She’s still not that great in parks and recs. then again that whole series was a big letdown after all the hype I heard about it. So I’ll retain my original stance of meh and unimpressed.

  1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Just googled her and I still don’t know of her. Then I wiki’d her as surely she must have done something substantial to receive an award from Trinity. She hasn’t. What am I missing here?

  2. I Bought A Little City

    Ugh, this is terrible. This is awful. Universities give these things out willy-nilly to every talentless hack going. Ugh. Celebrity culture run amok. Your poor mitts must be red raw from all the sanctimonious hand-wringing.

    Trinity aren’t giving her the award, the society is. A society run by twenty-something year old college students who really want to meet/see her. She has, after all, both won and presented the Golden Globes, written and starred in two very successful TV shows and several movies that would be cultural and comedic touchstones for these young people (Mean Girls, Blades of Glory, Wet Hot American Summer). But, huh, what has this talentless hack done to deserve an award?

    If you’ve never heard of her, there is – unfortunately – a very strong possibility that contemporary culture has passed you by, that you’re now too old to keep up with the kids. No bad thing, but a fact of life you might want to admit to yourself.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Yeah! You’re not down wid da kidz like me & I Bought A Little City.
      I love her. She’s whip smart, funny & extremely successful. I’d love to have seen her speak.

  3. Dhaughton99

    A gratuitous pic of Amy Huberman.

    Thought I accidentally clicked on the indo website.

  4. Truth in the News

    Full sure it was a styled up version of Lucinda for the New Party Launch
    They should have invited her too, she’d have added a bit of colour.

  5. al

    as well as helping to launch the careers of alot of the most popular American improv comedians on your screens today (through her work in such places as the UCB theatres in New York and LA) …

    she is a co-founder of upright citizens brigade

    was on Saturday night live for over a decade

    she was a writer , producer, director and actor on parks and rec,

    she was in wet hot american summer, arrested development, anchorman, kroll show etc etc.

    shes a golden globe,a writers guild of America and a peabody award winning writer … and on top of that she is funny as hell

    shes abit of a legend if youre into comedy

        1. al

          my bad … she was in the bank robbery scene in the alternate cut of anchorman 1 (wake up ron burgundy) and the big fight scene in anchorman 2

          1. Frilly Keane

            She played the ice skater sister in the brother sister pair in Blades of Glory. ‘Think she’s married to him in real life. Dunno, home life stuff is not my usual trivia retention.

    1. Frilly Keane

      I am.
      Into Comedy.

      I love Amy Poehlar, but she’s is no headliner
      And she’s defiantly no solo act/ artist

  6. Frilly Keane

    If Poehlar’s getting one
    I want one

    WTF. Phil Soc Tit. What about yere own?
    Where’s my Gold Medal of Honour and Patriotism

    Ah yeah. Tis all about that crowd over there in Amerikay.

    Think ye’re that smart and all HBO huh?

    Amy Poelhar, It Must Be Said, does stack up on paper, but in reality, has nowhere near the comedic timing that Jennifer Anniston has in her toenails.

    1. Ppads

      The state of yur batxed wan with the veneered dentures and the rockabilly coat. Youd think she was sniffin around the big house the way she is carrin on.

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