Staying In Tomorrow?


lynn1Lynn Ruane, President of the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union

Anything good on the Saturday Night Show?

Melanie O’Connor writes:

Christina Noble and her sisters, Philomena and Kathleen, will be in studio to share their story having been reunited this week for the first time in 53 years after being separated as children. Brendan will launch and showcase images from the Here I Am exhibition. Photographer Dan Murphy and participating children and their families will join Brendan on the night to chat about their involvement in the project.

Lynn Ruane who was recently elected to take over as President of Trinity College Dublin Students Union in July drops by to talk about life on and off campus and what lead her to run for President. Irish Poet Paul Durcan will also be in studio. Plus American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams will perform ‘Gimme Something Good’.

Good line-up, in fairness.


The Saturday Night Show, RTÉ One, 10.10pm.

Pic: Kevin O’Rourke (Trinity News)

24 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

      1. Rep

        I mean she supports austerity. Ruanne has a habit of talking against austerity, but spends most of her time licking up to Joan Burton.

        1. Mediahub

          You spelt her name wrong twice. It’s a common name. Anyone with a brain knows her real feelings about the Joan Burton affair, and why she was in that photo. Her choices and politics are dignified.

    1. Mr. T.

      Or maybe you just don’t like that a single mother from Tallaght made it to President of TCD Student’s Union.

      1. Rep

        I don’t care who becomes SU leader, as long as they’re anti-austerity. Ruanne spends a hell of a lot of time giving out about austerity, while spending the rest of her time hanging out with Joan Burton and other austerity cheerleaders.

          1. Parochial Central

            What’s with the “fupping”? Are you so backdated that you need to quote a line from a comedy series that is probably older than you are? Lame.

      2. Parochial Central

        Who cares about her background? It’s hardly some glass ceiling that’s been broken. Joe Duddy didn’t come from Foxrock. There have been single mothers elected to the union for decades. The TCDSU is an exotic irrelevance. Jesus, it will be her tattoos next…

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Like the creepy manner in which he asked Noel Gallagher about his kids. Never watch the show but saw that awful cringy interview.

      1. Rose

        And the cringy Dermot Bannon interview
        *boys and girls couldn’t possibly work together without anything happening

    1. scottser

      good for youse. nothing as soul-destroying as having to pleasure yourself to brendan o’connor..

  1. Parochial Central

    Perfect. Labour lackey like Ruane can use the occasion as her first interview for a job in RTE. Just like the rest of the TCDSU Labour cronies, past and present.

    Utterly pathetic our TV licence fees are used for programmes for student’s union affairs. They belong on the back of the toilet door in the arts building in Trinity.

  2. Gav D

    Not trying to be snotty, but…:If you watch this (even ironically), you’re part of the problem.

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