24 thoughts on “Frat House

  1. Yea, Ok

    What a disgrace that the entirely free and open students union election in an environment with a slightly higher female population than male wasn’t rigged to force higher female officer numbers.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      What a shame that a student who’s suffering sexual harassment from a teacher (if such a thing ever happens there, of course, and strictly a for-instance) can’t go to another woman to get her union’s advice.

        1. Sinabhfuil

          I am not. I’m saying that a female student might like a female union adviser to talk to. (And in some cases, male students might prefer to talk to a female adviser too.) Not necessarily always, but it might be good to have the choice.

          1. Yea, Ok

            Well I would respectfully suggest that the electorate has decided otherwise, and that maybe you should stop finding issues where there are none.

      1. Yea, Ok

        And this is the patriarchy’s fault somehow? Please tell us who to blame for this travesty.

      2. Beansie

        Ok, fair enough.

        So why didn’t UCC’s female student body see fit to vote a woman into one of these positions?

        Did any even stand for election?

  2. Tony

    How dare people vote for candidates based on a matter other than their sex or how many members of the candidates sex are likely to be elected!

  3. munkifisht

    Holy f**king moronic. One man, one vote, but make it 3 for women because they’re unrepresented, or maybe run for office.

    1. Beansie

      I know you’re kidding (aren’t you?!) but that may very well be the way it works in the not so distant future.

  4. curmudgeon

    Where are the non-Catholic ethnic minority LGBTQ members? This is disgraceful and is going straight on my Tumblr.

  5. Well that's that

    In UCD it all female SU reps, but the President is male. Keep those ladies in check and then lead them back to their respective kitchens when they’re done.

    1. The Old Boy

      It’s a Student Union. Did you expect its active membership would have a good proportion of bowler-hatted Tories?

  6. Frilly Keane

    And so

    “I’d no more be arsed wi’em ”

    Gender Equality my hole
    Save that one for the EAT ladies

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