Grand Parade Altogether



Catherine writes:

I know it’s a bit late for this what with St Patrick’s Day being yesterday but a friend of mine, Philip Kennedy is an illustrator based in London and made this illustrated parade of great Irish figures to mark the day yesterday and thought your readers might like it.

Name those marchers anyone?

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11 thoughts on “Grand Parade Altogether

  1. Jimmee

    Brendan Gleeson
    Constance Markievicz
    Tom Crean
    Mary Robinson
    Oscar Wilde
    Phil Lynott
    No idea on the last person…

  2. Owen

    Daniel Day Lewis;
    Greham Norton;
    Roy Kean (2020 ish);
    Rory Mac;
    Bob Geldof;
    Edward (of Jed);
    Paul MaGrath;
    Charles Haughey.

    What do I win?

  3. Frilly Keane

    Either Eileen Grey or the Dancing Priest is bringing up the end there

    Its lovely Philip. But needs Roy Keane.
    TBF like.

    Mary Robinson is a bit Mary O’Rourke’ish for me. Whoever Whatever. T”would’a bin’ a bitta craic ta’ hav’em grabbing Tom’s arse

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