Something To See Here



It’s back

Irish Pictorial Weekly starring Barry Murphy, Gary Cooke, Paul Howard, John Colleary, Tara Flynn and ‘rick king John ‘Moynes’ Moynes (among others) returns this Sunday night.

In the meanwhile, a compilation (above) of some of the best bits curated by the Pictorial crew themselves to whet your funny bone.

RTÉ One at 9.30pm.

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14 thoughts on “Something To See Here

    1. Mr. T.

      It’s far better than Callan’s kicks which is watered down crap, bordering on flattering the Government.

    1. Bacchus

      There’s plenty of talent there but they seem stop think they can coast by with no jokes.. or punchlines or funny bits. It’s actually quite insulting.

  1. Bacchus

    when you pillage the “Pictorial Weekly” nomenclature to produce your own comedy you set the bar high… in this case it fails miserably and repeatedly.

  2. Quint

    It’s not bad but it’s the same tiresome jokes and sketches over and over again. Guards are gombeens, politicians are self-serving morons etc and so on. We get it.

  3. Granty

    Earmarking the show’s detractors in this comment thread as ones to ignore in all future comedy show reviews.

      1. Granty

        You’re ear marking people who are earmarking people who don’t enjoy the show, so as to ignore those people who enjoy the show you don’t enjoy, when they comment on another show that you may enjoy?

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