30 thoughts on “World O’ Brews

      1. ffintii

        What’s the similiarity between making love on a canoe and drinking Bud….

        Both are fupping close to water

  1. Clampers Outside!

    There’s a great beer in India called ‘Knockout Beer’ with a stencil(?) pic of a boxer on it.

    I say ‘great’ because I just loved the packaging and the name :)

    1. Bruno

      Interbrew was a large Belgium-based brewing company which owned many internationally known beers, as well as some smaller local beers. In 2004, Interbrew merged with Brazilian brewer AmBev to form InBev, which at the time became the largest brewer in the world by volume, with a 13% global market share. In 2008, InBev further merged with American brewer Anheuser-Busch to form Anheuser-Busch InBev (abbreviated AB InBev).


  2. bmcc123

    Egyptian Stella is a wondrous drink that doesn’t get you drunk but makes you feel like shit the next day no matter what,

    So am I right in saying that Ireland is the only country who’s most popular beer is not a lager/pilsner type beer?

  3. Irish Lass

    Why no Bermuda beer? They’ve gne to the trouble of putting it on the map…..
    PS- living over here, and enjoying a few pints on occassion, I can also hang my head in shame for being a purchaser of Bud Lite. Its BY FAR the cheapest beer here (about $9.50 for a 6 pack of child sized cans, while a half decent IPA will put you back about $20 for 6 bottles..) A single can of “Magners” in the pub is $9.95….shocking the price of alcoholism abroad!

  4. Someone

    Is this a map of each country’s favourite beer, or is it the favourite beer produced in that country, because I would have thought Heineken would be Irelands favourite beer.

    I like Red Stripe from Jamaica by the way.

    1. Bruno

      It is a good question. A lot of these beers are corporate owned. I don’t know all of these brands. But I know that Brahma Chopp, the favorite beer in Paraguay according to this chart, is a brazilian brand.

  5. Niallo

    Carib beer is probably the best mass manufactured amber nectar there is, carling black label (which u cant get here anymore) is way back in second.
    In india i had an interesting couple of beers, one, “pink pelican” i was advised to have no more than one of because of the formaldehyde, another “cannon 10,000” was about 15 percent and ill advised.
    Visitors Beer for the aussies ? I’m surprised.

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