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  1. Soundings

    Unbelievable that after two months of the Stabby McStabbington trial when Irish press and broadcasters reported the most intimate, taboo and distasteful tidbit, that not once did they report that Elaine Dwyer was in someone’s company on the evening she supposedly died.

    Yet the Judge’s instruction to the jury today was “The one thing that you can say with certainty is that two people met that day, one person came home the other didn’t”

    There, right there, either the Judge fupped up the whole trial or else our media are cretins for not reporting the most relevant of details when they found plenty of time for masturbate4menow.

    1. Caroline

      That struck me too. I wasn’t really following it but I missed the bit where it was certain that they met, or that she met anyone.

    2. Ms Piggy

      The other person he was referring to was Dwyer. He didn’t mean they left the home together, but that they left their respective homes – and he returned to his, but she didn’t. How could you possibly think there could was any evidence of a third person present without it being discussed in court and reported in the papers??

    3. LiamZero

      Seeing as how such decorum clearly worries you, it’s not exactly tasteful to label it the “Stabby McStabbington trial”, is it?

  2. f_lawless

    you have to wonder about the motivation behind The Times’ cover photo. Hmm whether to publish photo of middle-aged, slightly overweight British victim and/or good-looking young British victim baring his chest? F*ck it, sex appeal sells papers, lets go large on this one lads.

  3. Niall

    The Irish Times headline is just sooooooooo Stephen Collins.

    Independents are in the lead. SF are at the same levels of support as FG. What’s the story?

    The Rise of Fine Gael.

  4. Drogg

    Is Pat Rabbitte now attacking RTE to please his new employer DOB? He really is the most inconsistent character.

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